Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maeror Tri - Peak Experience (CDr) [2005]

1 My Electrocution (9:12)
2 Sneaking Movement (2:32)
3 Sensory Deprivation (4:16)
4 Cursed Colours (2:42)
5 Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head) (10:32)
6 Talita Kum! (5:05)
7 Translucent Vault (5:56)
8 Wovoka (4:04)
9 The Threat (5:18)
10 Endless Space (4:05)
11 The Last Perception (4:16)
Limited to 150 hand numbered copies in a special wooden package.
An edition of 50 hand numbered copies also exists. It is packaged only in the laminated paper sleeve, and the '1' in '150' has been covered with black ink. It is unclear if this is a second edition or a promo edition.

"Peak Experience" was the very first widely available Maeror Tri cassette, it was released in 1989 in two versions: the first was released by the american cassette label Harsh Reality Music, the second appearead later on the german label Bestattungsinstitut.


320 kbps

Monday, April 27, 2009

Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses - Manfauna (EP, 2007)

"Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses are a British instrumental quintet that plays dark, antiquated sounding music encompassing elements of Eastern European folk, avant-rock, broken-down calliope music, and neo-classical film composition. More a trip to an anachronistic world of neo-baroque psychedelia than a simple study in diced-up ecclecticism, the music on Perils sways between lush chamber orientated melancholia, apocalyptic bombast, and epic ghost train high-drama. Featuring members of Guapo, Aethenor, Chrome Hoof and Cathedral."

Label: Latitudes


Daniel O'Sullivan
Orlando Harrison
Sara Hubrich
Leo Smee
David Smith


1 Manticore
2 Taus
3 Garp Gadriel



Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Morn' Omina - Momentum of Singular Clarity (EP) [2009]

1 Momentum I (5:41)
2 Nuraghi (6:54)
3 Ananda (7:59)
4 Tellurian (7:02)
5 Momentum II (4:22)

Five years have passed since the self-contained 'drake equation'. this ep is also a stand-alone release - a stop between the second and the third part of the nyan trilogy. sal-ocin joined t.m.o. as a full member a few years ago and now the project is a trio with the inclusion of the live concert drummer spike.

this morn' omina created five tracks which combine rhythmic complexity with impulsive power and tuneful depth to aurally express mass and velocity of an object (=momentum). framed by the fast, pulsating floor burners momentum I and II, you will discover the melodic beauty of nuraghi, the tribal, symphonic darkness of ananda, and the slow, melancholic flow of tellurian. synthetic beats, acoustic percussion, sub-basses, atmospheric electronics and energetic vocals result in the uniqueness that this morn' omina stands for.


320 kbps

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wormsblood - In the Stars (2008)

Absolutely insane band. Describing this release is beyond me, so I refer you to the press release for the vinyl version below.

"Hailing from grim Wisconsin, WORMSBLOOD have honed their craft since 2002 on solstice and eclipse. They create "BLOOD SORCERY = Progressive Blackened Stenchcore". "In the stars" is a tumultous sonic cauldron overflowing with elements of true metal, noise, black metal, field recordings, free folk and eye of newt. Littered with occult references and clearly a work of some intelligence, "In the stars" baffles the listener as it drags them through the bleak Oshkosh woods in a lysergic Wild Hunt: from the ritual / field recording sounds of primitive percussion and the united voices of animal and man that give way to epic riffing and the deranged vocals of opener "Thundercall", its clear that these kids didn't have a lot of friends at school.

Sabbath-esque riffs, putrid thrashing, animal howls, primitive blast beats, cheap keyboards, broken throat vocals, necro production, guitar solos, abyssic noise, and a theatrical sensibility for the epic make WORMSBLOOD defy attempts to pigeon hole. Nay, they take the pigeon, sacrifice it on a primitive wooden altar to the spirits unknown and stuff the corpse in your hole. "Outsider Black Metal" seems to be the best match, but "In the stars" is so much more." - Aurora Borealis

Label: 23 Productions / Faunasabbatha / Aurora Borealis


Zodiac "Wyrdskull" Widdershins
Crimson Maaritkitaka
Vragknacht the Two-Handed


1 Thundercall (Intro)
2 Ritual Use Of The Athame
3 Inheritor
4 The Marriage (Eclipse)
5 The First Dim Shinings (Of Those About To Awaken)
6 Street Jammer (Manilla Road Cover, Live Rehearsal)
7 The Axis of Apator
8 Tolling Beyond Our Lunar Trance
9 Fyrnsidu
10 Siege (Live Rehearsal)
11 In The Stars
12 From These Dark Fields (We Can See The Stars...)
13 Ritual Of Bone And Horn / A Houndish Child Arise
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Xela - The Illuminated (Cassette + Vinyl) [2008/2009]

A Black Scripture (19:57)
B Gilted Rose (19:57)

"The Illuminated" was originally released on cassette, a format very fitting to the gloomy, waterlogged sounds; but having sold out in a matter of days it now recieves the much needed deluxe re-issue treatment. Taking cues from the cracked black metal of Burzum and Striborg and fusing this with heavy, synthesized noise "The Illuminated" is possibly Xela's darkest, most spine-chilling work to date. We are taken through chiming Nurse With Wound-inspired soundscapes into Middle Eastern marketplaces and through caverns of thick, buzzing synthesized noise on the album's first piece. Entitled "Black Scripture" this takes the dank religious themes of "In Bocca Al Lupo" and goes even deeper into the Church dungeons, digging up lost artifacts and the angry spirits that accompany them. The flipside extends this heresy with a throaty vocal and distorted electric guitar, leaving blackened corpses and the traces of a sleepy village in its wake. Devastating and dark material, listen if you dare...

"In this the signs shall be those of Set triumphant and of Baphomet. Also shall Set appear in the circle. Let him drink of the sacrament and let him communicate the same."

Cassette Info
Vinly Info

320 kbps

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SEVEN PINES - The Garden of Fand [2001]

1- Fand
2- La Rumeur
3- Le Jardin Des Mensonges
4- Abandonné
5- Tintagel
6- L´île Des Morts
7- Dorian
8- Le Rêve De Fand
9- Les Jardins De Fand
10- Le Danseur De L´ombre
11- Le Vieil Homme
12- Rêverie
13- Ma Reine
14- Sirènes

The Garden of Fand" is the first album of Seven Pines, a project from Eric Roger, well know for his schizophrenic alter ego Gaë Bolg. This mysterious and onirical album full of rich musical textures somewhere between troubadoresque, militaristic and medieval music that reflects romantic and folk influences tinted by psychedelia and is essentially built around the piano, strings (guitars, violin) and wind instruments such as recorders, oboes and trumpets with the superb voice of Gaë Bolg, which illuminates marvellously the beautiful compositions of this album. The listener is invited to explore the different secret nooks and crannies of this enchanting garden dreamt by Fand...

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