Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Morn' Omina - Momentum of Singular Clarity (EP) [2009]

1 Momentum I (5:41)
2 Nuraghi (6:54)
3 Ananda (7:59)
4 Tellurian (7:02)
5 Momentum II (4:22)

Five years have passed since the self-contained 'drake equation'. this ep is also a stand-alone release - a stop between the second and the third part of the nyan trilogy. sal-ocin joined t.m.o. as a full member a few years ago and now the project is a trio with the inclusion of the live concert drummer spike.

this morn' omina created five tracks which combine rhythmic complexity with impulsive power and tuneful depth to aurally express mass and velocity of an object (=momentum). framed by the fast, pulsating floor burners momentum I and II, you will discover the melodic beauty of nuraghi, the tribal, symphonic darkness of ananda, and the slow, melancholic flow of tellurian. synthetic beats, acoustic percussion, sub-basses, atmospheric electronics and energetic vocals result in the uniqueness that this morn' omina stands for.


320 kbps


Nexist said...

The FLAC files were flagged by rapidshare & thus unavailable. The MP3's aren't.

Thank you!

Volver a la Magia said...

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Anonymous said...

link is dead

Peter Tron said...

Hey guys,

I can't seem to get in contact with solitary eve concerning the dead Maeror tri links, is he/she about?



SolitaryEve said...

Hi Peter,

I received your message and I'll try to get them up as soon as possible.
I've been very busy lately.
Thanks for your patience!


silmarill said...

seems that the mp3 link is not working... please fix it... thanx in advance!

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