Friday, January 30, 2009

Svarte Greiner - Kappe [2009]

1 Tunnel Of Love (7:10)
2 Where Am I (12:31)
3 Candle Light Dinner Actress (16:23)
4 Last Light (8:23)

‘Knive’, Erik Skodvin’s debut album under the Svarte Greiner moniker was a milestone in doom music. Taking a surprisingly acoustic route, he kick-started a sub-genre as he used cello, violin and rattling miscellanies to conjure up blood-curdling soundscapes. ‘Kappe’ is his sophomore effort and continues Skodvin’s blackened underworld cruise, furthering his mysterious cinematic sound.

Through incessant touring Skodvin has built up a distinctive live technique since the release of ‘Knive’ and it is this which works as a spirit guide on ‘Kappe’. Travelling the dark corners of the world, Skodvin has explored every shadowed alleyway in his grasp, built up a collection of broken glove-puppets and potion-filled medicine bottles and trapped many a stifled scream in the process. Some of these disparate adventures were captured to cassette tape (‘Penpals Forever’) and wax disc (‘Til Seters’), but the most evil moments were set aside for this full length record; four fated psalms in honour of the dark Northern lords.

The album’s opener ‘Tunnel of Love’ may be the noisiest piece Skodvin has produced to date with a death-rattle of chains accompanying his patented maritime bass drone. It sounds something like Death’s gondola gliding through purgatory, gradually building into a dense, chattering cloud of torment before dropping into bleak stillness. Skodvin is joined by Ultralyd saxophonist Kjetil Møster who adds a disarmingly terrifying squeal to the horrifying detuned strings on ‘Candle Light Dinner Actress’. The most startling change here is his incorporation of the electric guitar – ‘Mystery Man’ sees Skodvin harness the feedback into loops of distressing, pained melancholy bringing to mind Skullflower or a slow-motion Sonic Youth at times.

‘Kappe’ however is very much its own beast, and followers will already know that nothing sounds quite like Svarte Greiner. You won’t find a more unsettling record this winter...


320 kbps

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Geomatic - Blue Beam [2008]

1 The Bliss (6:26)
2 Protomorphic Deception (6:41)
3 Holographic Messiah (5:49)
4 Turn Of The Coil (5:48)
5 Superae Res (4:31)
6 Beyond The Beginning (6:14)
7 Dark Technology Ghost (5:44)
8 Alternate Universe (6:19)
9 Radiating An Aura Of Love (6:01)
10 Redemption (5:26)
11 Unknown (5:44)
MP3-1. Holographic Messiah (Grammia Mix By Lagowski) (5:38)
MP3-2. Turn Of The Coil (Ex_Tension Remix) (6:12)
MP3-3. Alternate Universe (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix) (6:57)

The new and wonderful GEOMATIC album entitled "Blue Beam" is now available, this duo based in Amsterdam band offers up a brilliant mix of experimental electronics, tribal percussion and rythmic noise with an esoteric edge that will delight for example all addicts of bands like Muslimgauze or This Morn' Omina. "Blue Beam" contains 11 tracks + 3 additional remixes by Andrew Lagowski, Ah Cama Sotz and Ex_Tension packaged in a 2 panels digipak on matte paper.


This is one to check out if you're a fan of atmospheric tribal industrial!

320 kbps

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Morn' Omina - The Hegira Trilogy (3xCD) (Remastered LE) [2007]

The First Cycle: Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet

1-1 Inside A Full Eclipse (11:19)
1-2 Totemism (Modern) (3:20)
1-3 K'hai (8:09)
1-4 The Fifth Incarnation Of Vishnu (6:42)
1-5 Kadaicha (7:03)
1-6 The Stars Are Like Dust (4:10)
1-7 Dragon - Flies / Samarrkand (7:07)
1-8 Decline And Fall Of Empires (25:27)

The Second Cycle: Em Sauf Haa-Heru

2-1 Procession Of The Sacred Bull (9:47)
2-2 Hannibal Ad Portas (3:42)
2-3 The Face Of The Waters (9:32)
2-4 Starchild (8:10)
2-5 The True Voices Of The Tree (2:45)
2-6 Spires Of The Moon (8:06)
2-7 Signs And Portents (3:27)
2-8 The Void Which Binds (26:58)
2-8a Kheph-Ra / Dawn
2-8b Seneshai

The Third Cycle: Taiu

3-1 Ah-Menti (4:05)
3-2 The Penultimate Truth (8:14)
3-3 Vassago De Nunez (6:11)
3-4 The Light That Shines And The Light That Fades (7:02)
3-5 Beatified Spirit (8:35)
3-6 Totemism (Ancient) (5:02)
3-7 Aeon (8:37)
3-8 The Weeping Eye (4:04)
3-9 Either / Or (9:18)
3-10 Perun (1:33)
3-11 Terran (10:17)

Limited to 600 copies.
Packaging: Large black heavy-cardboard box with silver print + inlay and postcards.


320 kbps

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tor Lundvall - The Mist [2001]

1 Ribbon (2:06)
2 Ghost Girl (5:50)
3 Streets (2:59)
4 29 (5:24)
5 Leave (2:24)
6 Crooked (4:22)
7 Dead Moon (2:25)
8 The Hollow (3:51)
9 Pale Sun (3:35)
10 6:00 AM (2:50)
11 Outpost (2:38)
12 Grey Life (4:24)
13 The Mist (3:51)
14 Her Train (3:04)
15 Remember (3:58)
16 The Years (3:22)
17 Dark Spring (2:28)
18 The Green Darner (4:03)


320 kbps

Friday, January 23, 2009

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Ostara - The Only Solace [2009]

1 Victory Surrender (5:24)
2 The First Day Of Summer (2:54)
3 Darkly Shining (3:37)
4 Calling To The Storm (4:50)
5 Pillow Of Ashes (4:27)
6 Architects Of Ruin (4:15)
7 Fields Of Fire (3:41)
8 The Carnival (2:18)
9 Lanterns Of The Storm (3:16)
10 Rise Descending (3:27)
11 Stilts & Crutches (3:16)
12 The Only Solace (4:04)
13 The Darkening (4:26)
14 If The Dead Could See (3:39)


VBR - V2

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caul - The Sound Of Faith [1996]

1 Kyrie (7:45)
2 Somnia A Deo Missa (2:46)
3 Nature And Grace (6:12)
4 The Redeemer Of Blood (6:20)
5 Parousia (8:47)
6 Sicut Ovis (2:23)
7 Metempsychosis (3:07)
8 The Type And Shadow Of Our Bodies (2:49)
9 Theophany (2:51)
10 Adumbratio (4:05)
11 Ankou (11:58)
12 A Golden Bell And A Pomegranate (2:07)
13 Expurgate (3:18)
14 The Seven Abominations Of The Heart (5:11)



Strength Through Joy - Dark Rose (EP) [1994]

1 A Grave For Burning Wings (4:04)
2 Rosin Dubh (Flute Mix) (5:42)
3 Apotheosis (5:48)


Anyone who calls themselves a neo-folk fan should know about this project; no introduction needed.

320 kbps

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford - Autumn Calls [1998]

1 October (0:52)
2 A Rain Washed Dream (1:20)
3 Passing Overhead (1:13)
4 Birdhouse (2:03)
5 Those Who Wait (1:49)
6 Rain Through The Trees (2:01)
7 Shearing (1:34)
8 Clear View From Above (1:40)
9 The Final Green Place (3:25)
10 Autumn Nails (3:06)
11 Home From The Harvest (2:36)
12 They Rise To War (5:13)
13 Sickness On The Wind (4:34)
14 Windshield Dream (2:16)
15 Silent (2:01)
16 By The Seaside (3:56)
17 Crows And The Dead (3:29)
18 Autumn Calls (3:27)
19 October (1:59)


192 kbps

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Elegi - Varde [2009]

1 Varde (2:17)
2 Skrugard (6:38)
3 Svanesang (6:15)
4 Arveslov (2:38)
5 Drivis (5:23)
6 Uranienborg (5:07)
7 Fandens Bre (4:31)
8 Skyggespill (2:05)
9 Angekok (4:25)
10 Rak (6:42)
11 Sovnens Kvelertak (3:34)
12 Den Store Hvite Stillhet (4:17)

"Varde" tells the story of the pioneer polar explorers who risked their lives to go to some of the most hostile places on earth, to 'triumph', over the elements. The music explores the feelings those brave men must have felt, as they went into the unknown, well aware that they might never see their families again. Ice cold winds and blizzards, creaking ice, stormy waters, constant hunger, isolation, disease and death, provide the basis for the music, depicting the immensity and scale of these great white landscapes.


320 kbps

Ah Cama-Sotz - Terra Infernalis [1999]

1 Ce Carnage Démoniaque (11:05)
2 Rite And Belief (6:38)
3 Look For Graves With Holes In Them (L'âme Du Crime Remix) (4:20)
4 Narbukh (5:34)
5 Empty Souls (8:54)
6 Vio-lence And Vivi-section (6:12)
7 Look For Graves With Holes In Them (6:35)
8 None Of This Is True (4:35)
9 Ill-lektrik (4:40)
10 Zostrah (4:21)


320 kbps

Project Arctic - Third Pole [2004]

1 Solar Refraction (9:37)
2 Blinded By White (10:18)
3 The 88th Parallel (7:54)
4 Inner Dark Companion (8:16)
5 The Rim Of The World (7:40)
6 Third Pole (6:55)

The members of This Morn' Omina and Empusae join forces in Project Arctic, a dark glacial and occult sonic entity that casts its spell over the plains from the rim of the world. They form the inner dark companion on an auditory journey to the third pole, from blinding aural snow to an everlasting darkness crushing through the ice of the 88th parallel. They move in a giant soundscape where long stretched strings of coldness explore the unknown icy fields, and where frost bites the air in wide cathedrals of sound. Comes in an exquisitely designed oversized nautilus pack.


320 kbps

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caul & Kirchenkampf - Sleep - Night - Death [2008]

1 And The First As A Shadow (10:22)
2 Pit Of Stars (5:26)
3 We Enter Fire Imbibed (14:39)
4 I Am The One Whom You Have Hidden From (6:05)
5 The Abyss Will Appear Among Your People (9:48)
6 Darkness And Water (6:51)
7 The Consumation Of The Voice Of Blood (12:36)
Two artists return to the Malignant roster, having teamed up to create over 60 minutes of dark ambient solitude. A soundscape for late night reflections, full of quiet, whispering drones, cosmic flutterings, arching climatic tones and textures that ascend and descend in a delicate interplay between beauty and bleak desolation. You know their work as separate entities, find out what they do when brought together. Limited to 888 copies in special spot-varnished eco-wallet packaging designed by EyeLyft.


320 kbps

Blood Box - The Iron Dream [2004]

1 Fall In (9:43)
2 Lower Realm (13:00)
3 Cold Hand In Mine (8:21)
4 To The End Of Night (11:35)
5 Beneath The Black Wave (11:23)
6 Far Side Of The Sun (18:40)


320 kbps

Blood Box - A World of Hurt [1997]

1 Paradise (7:47)
2 Second State (10:21)
3 Mother Of Dust (6:54)
4 Sun And Shadow (6:31)
5 Dawn Of The Hunter (11:21)
6 Reborn (10:08)
7 Anesthetize: Annihilate (13:49)
8 Inhale (4:25)
Pressed in an edition of 500 copies.


APE (w/ CUE)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Converter - Exit Ritual [2003]

1 Dronr(Itual) (5:24)
2 Bloodsex (3:48)
3 Nightmare Machine (8:16)
4 Cloud Eye (6:21)
5 In Ruins... (10:03)
6 Order/Creature (4:51)
7 Gateway Rite (8:13)
8 Soulstealer (8:36)
9 Night Swallows Day (11:53)
10 Fallen (7:39)

Converter's music is often described as 'Power Noise' - which means, in this case, Rhythmic Noise. As for 'Shock Front' this description was spot on. On 'Blast Furnace', converter added a dark ambient styling to the rhythmic rage; which was quite a surprise for the "hit the dance floor noise addicts". However, this combination worked perfectly. After "Expansion" which contained older and brand new material, lots of listeners asked "where does this highway lead to?".

Converter's aural universe was always desolate and sometimes threatening. "Exit Ritual" continues this path but this time around Sturgis uses his nightmarish sound injections in a more subtle way. So, can we still speak of 'Power Noise'? Sure we can !

Sturgis intensified the dark mood and slowed down the beats - it also seems that he explored the roots of industrial. Just listen to 'In Ruins...', a punching, slow loop and harsh metallic clashes which could have been taken right out of an old s.p.k. tune - anyone remember 'Leichenschrei'? Maybe the listeners of Scandinavian 'Death Industrial' will also love this cd? For example, the deep drones and foggish vocal samples in 'Dronr(itual)'.

Yes, this is a rhythmic but listening at home is recommended (for most of the tracks). If you think the entire CD is a 'moody one' then check out 'Order/Creature' and you will march right into volunteered slavery!

Converter still has some hard candy to offer - fasten your seat belts - as you never know where this journey will lead...

Ant-Zen is proud to present Converter's third full-length masterpiece.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep [2006]

1 R'lyeh La Morte (5:52)
2 Nyarlathotep (0:48)
3 Brain Speaking Machine (4:26)
4 Azathoth (0:31)
5 De Vermis Mysteriis (5:54)
6 Ubbo-Sathla (0:35)
7 Nephren-Ka (5:23)
8 Hastur (0:33)
9 Alhazred (5:56)
10 Yuggoth (0:38)
11 Angular Space (6:36)
12 Shudde M'ell (0:34)
13 Cthulhu Dawn (6:50)
14 Yog-Sothot (0:38)
15 Slither Chaos (7:17)
16 Brain Death (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix) (4:41)
17 Germ Code (Disharmony Remix) (3:34)
18 Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec Remix) (6:06)
19 R'lyeh La Morte (This Morn' Omina & Empusae Remix) (5:27)

A slightly more melodic, sad and obscure side of Flint Glass which still keeps the cold and dark atmosphere that defines its sound. Inspired by H.P Lovecraft novels, coldness and warmth are constantly fighting for predominance and the quasi-total absence of vocals make it an extremely visionary record which would be a perfect match for a number of movie soundtracks varying from post-apocalyptic to foggy northern woods, from lunar landscapes to horror aberrations. Deeply disturbing and yet unequivocally enjoyable and morbidly relaxing.

The album comes in a beautiful 8 page digipak designed by Eyelyft, and includes four excellent remixes by Ah Cama Sotz, This Morn Omina with Empusae, Xabec and Disharmony.


320 kbps

Des Esseintes / Diskrepant - Folie À Deux (2003, EP)

This is an EP featuring two artists from Sweden who produce some rhythmic soundscapes and minimalistic noise.

1- Des Esseintes: Scrying / Closure
2- Diskrepant: Variety Unknown
3- Diskrepant: Grand Mal
4- Diskrepant: And The Machines Laughed At Mankind

The first, Des Esseintes, is side project of Magnus Sundström who is the man behind Cold Meat Industry act, The Protagonist. It starts with a nice blend of electronic sounds and monk-style singing samples in the background. As it moves on it gets heavier and lets loose some blistering industrial with powerful drum beats. This really is powerful stuff and quite long too clocking in at almost thirteen minutes.
Diskrepant have contributed three songs here. It’s the work of Per Ånlund. It’s a lot more menacing than Des Esseintes and mainly consists of electronic noise without the rhythm. Many samples are used here too. 'Variety Unknown' is the first of the tracks, and from the start it lets loose some blistering electronic rumbles sounding like someone has gone insane in the tool shed! ‘Grand Mal’ is the same kind of thing but probably more menacing. It’s a real torture on the ears if you have this up loud which I think is a good thing! Its piercing sounds are guaranteed to send shivers through your body. Final track ‘…and The Machines Laughed At Mankind’ starts with some ambient sounds mixed with samples. It’s quite calming after the noise before it. You do expect some kind of noise to leap out at you though, so tread carefully because it might well happen!
(review from

Packaged in a cardboard sleeve.

P.s. You can find a work from Diskrepant on my own blog , the record there has a completly different sound and in my opinion mutch better. Well im not a great "friend" of Noise...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Elegi - Sistereis [2007]

1 Despotiets Vesen (3:16)
2 Fyrtårnet Part 1 (6:21)
3 Dauingene (6:29)
4 Skumring (3:16)
5 Time Lapse (8:05)
6 Interbellum (5:13)
7 Fyrtårnet Part 2 (5:13)
8 Sistereis (5:48)
9 Fyrtårnet Part 3 (4:17)
10 Spill For Galleriet (6:17)

Miasmah presents the debut album from Elegi (real name: Tommy Jansen).
Jansen spends his time wreck-diving - a pursuit which involves deep-sea diving into shipwrecks, exploring the forgotten graveyards of another time. The album's title 'Sistereis' even refers to this pursuit; it is the word for a ship's final voyage before it sinks and this haunted, waterlogged theme is transferred beautifully into the music itself. I'm sure you've all dunked your head under water when swimming before, and listened to the sounds of the surrounding area as they filter through liters and liters of chlorinated liquid; this muffled, bubbling mystery is apparent throughout 'Sistereis', the whole album coming across like a radio transmission from beneath the sea. In fact, the album could easily be the follow-up to Svarte Greiner's absolutely epic 'Knive', an album which set the bar for the steadily growing 'acoustic doom' movement, and where 'Knive' was akin to a murderous venture into the dark woods, 'Sistereis' is a similarly bloody sub-aquatic voyage. It could be almost puerile to mention the words 'cinematic' or name-drop Angelo Badalamenti yet again, but it's never been more appropriate; Tommy Jansen creates a damp and half-seen world of his own with tempered electronics, decaying accordion sounds, deep resonating cellos and layer upon layer of collected field recordings (many taken from his deep sea explorations). It's almost like listening to the ancient ghosts of Viking long-boats, lost Victorian cruise-liners or swarthy Pirate ships, replete with rattling chains and creaking bows, yet this isn't a purely dark and depressing experience, there are glimmers of light and hope between the scratches and scrapes, a sense that this is a record which reveres history rather than being frightened of it. 'Sistereis' is another crucial part of the steadily expanding Miasmah catalogue, and proof that the label is quickly becoming one of the most essential on the planet - prepare yourself for a foggy trip into mysterious climes, it's one you won't regret taking, even if you never return! Essential purchase.


320 kbps

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - O N A N I - [Practice Makes Perfect] [2009]

A1 Glory To Thee, My Beloved Masturbator
A2 [Remember] What You Sow Is What You Reap
A3 Can You Hear The Devils Laughing? (Or Is It Just Me)
A4 The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive
A5 Let Me Show You, All The Secrets Of The Torture Garden
B1 Too Late For Innocence, Too Late For Regret (Four Hands Please Better Than Two)
B2 Forgive Me, I Am Not Satan; I Am Mary Just Like You
B3 C U M, And Let Me Lead You Far Astray
B4 Amore Rosso, Amore Marrone, Amore Nero (Il Waltzer Del Lupo Mannaro)
B5 I W I L L; Even After The Flowers Are Gone
B6 Confessions Of A Sinflower

Two years in the making, inspired partly by la petit mort, the little death achieved by one's own hands or by the hands of others continues in the O.R.E. tradition of opulent depravity and decadent beauty. Heavy white vinyl, lim. 444 copies!


VBR - V2

Tzolk'in - Haab' [2008]

1 Muwan (6:04)
2 Kumk'u (6:48)
3 Uayeb (6:49)
4 K'ank'in (6:42)
5 Sotz (7:16)
6 K'ayab (6:12)
7 Yaxk'in (6:44)
8 Xul (6:54)

Ceremonious, deep tones merge with the power and strength of industrial music - kept together by elaborate impulsive ritual rhythms that enhance the atmosphere of a flourishing culture. An abyssal, haunting cycle of tribal sound!


320 kbps

Menace Ruine - The Die is Cast (2008)

"The Die is Cast finds Menace Ruine eschewing the howling vocals and blast beats of their debut album, instead replacing them with majestic songs based around the vocal style of Genviève and the anthemic medieval music that bares much more resemblance to Neo-Folk than Black Metal." - Label. That's fairly accurate, however they forgot to mention the huge martial influence. All in all, noisy martial with the odd distorted metal riff. Geneviève's vocals bring something quite brilliant to the mix, and do give the music quite a majestic feel.

Label - Alien8 Recordings

Geneviève - Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics
S. de La Moth - - Vocals, Instruments


1 One Too Many
2 This Place of Power
3 The Die is Cast
4 Surface Vessel
5 Dismantling
6 Utterly Destitute
7 The Bosom of the Earth

Buy the CD -

Bitrate - V2

Click here

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Svarte Greiner - Knive [2006]

1 The Boat Was My Friend (4:17)
2 Ocean Out Of Wood (3:44)
3 My Feet, Over There (6:03)
4 Easy On The Bones (5:06)
5 An Ordinary Hike (2:59)
6 The Black Dress (9:22)
7 Ullsokk (1:09)
8 The Dining Table (5:10)
9 Final Sleep (5:35)


320 kbps

Numina - Shift To The Ghost [2007]

1 Secret Souls (10:01)
2 Through The Unseen Barrier (12:37)
3 Spiral Reminders (5:47)
4 Arrival To Nowhere (10:54)
5 Light Travelling (8:31)
6 Forever Falling (8:45)
7 The Hostless Ghost (13:09)


320 kbps

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Caul - Light From Many Lamps [1998]

1 I Will Awake The Dawn (4:09)
2 O Thou Bright Crown Of Pearl (8:18)
3 The Blood Within The Veil (3:45)
4 Thine Is The Day, Thine Is The Night (4:31)
5 At Midnight I Arise To Give Thanks To Thee (3:48)
6 By The Breath Of God, All The Stars (5:36)
7 Midnight's Tongue (3:31)
8 A Tapestry Of Bone (4:09)
9 The Twelth Golden Swan (3:13)
10 The Mirror Of Simple Souls (3:00)
11 The Saint And The Seraph (8:36)
12 Crux Est Mundi Medicina (3:50)
13 Euangelos (3:52)
14 Penuel (5:01)
15 La Sua Volontate é Nostra Pace (7:07)


320 kbps
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