Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SEVEN PINES - The Garden of Fand [2001]

1- Fand
2- La Rumeur
3- Le Jardin Des Mensonges
4- Abandonné
5- Tintagel
6- L´île Des Morts
7- Dorian
8- Le Rêve De Fand
9- Les Jardins De Fand
10- Le Danseur De L´ombre
11- Le Vieil Homme
12- Rêverie
13- Ma Reine
14- Sirènes

The Garden of Fand" is the first album of Seven Pines, a project from Eric Roger, well know for his schizophrenic alter ego Gaë Bolg. This mysterious and onirical album full of rich musical textures somewhere between troubadoresque, militaristic and medieval music that reflects romantic and folk influences tinted by psychedelia and is essentially built around the piano, strings (guitars, violin) and wind instruments such as recorders, oboes and trumpets with the superb voice of Gaë Bolg, which illuminates marvellously the beautiful compositions of this album. The listener is invited to explore the different secret nooks and crannies of this enchanting garden dreamt by Fand...

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Ho hapax epekeina said...

Thank you for this release. I've heard a couple of Seven Pines tracks on different compilations but never quite found any full length releases until now.

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