Saturday, February 28, 2009

Underjordiska & Spectral Lore (Split album, 2008)

"Two experimental black metal one-man bands venturing into new and undiscovered territories: this split is a collaboration far different from your typical "let's throw some left-outs from our previous records, make a intro or two and off to the printing plant" mentality, instead being a concept split album which should be heard as one, rather than two albums on the same cd. It is a journey from the surface of the sea to the very depths of the ocean, and then back towards the surface again. Each musician undertakes one part of the journey; two compositions over 30 minutes, featuring actual underwater recordings, aquatic drones, unique instruments (from a mandolin to a duduk) and even melodic post rockish moments. There is a continual flow of movement to the music, as the listener, embodied within this audial environment, descents and ascends through the ocean, towards a deepest point that seems to bear a particular significance: but is it the goal, or the journey itself that matters more?" - Label

Label: Stellar Auditorium


1 Underjordiska - Part I (Descent)
2 Spectral Lore - Part II (Ascent)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Various - Cynfeirdd Magazine: Issue 18th - Neither Beginning nor End [2005]

1: RICHARD MOULT - A Night Sky
2: ALBIREON - It Sole Nero
3: KINOVIA - Revelation of Archangel (demo)
4: -DUPARC - A Nesting Garden
5: WOLFSBLOOD - Voluspa
6: HERR - The Fall of Constantinople
7: GAE BOLG - La Marche des Morts
8: PAVILLON 7B - black Generation

This is the last compilation that i have from Cynfeirdd, so enjoy.
Limited edition of 555 hand numbered copies on card bord. Summer 2005.

p.s. Solitaryeve, why dont you change the background of the blog? its very similar to Blodvargr, i dont like it...

Klabautamann - Der Ort (2005)

"Of the 8 tracks on offer on Klabautamann's latest long player, 6 of them follow largely the same formula: tremolo-picked Black Metal riffs and blasting, interspersed with some quite laid back acoustic folk playing and mid-paced melodic sections. They are able to effortlessly change between these different styles, which makes each track individually diverse but still cohesive, as the changes are rarely abrupt and flow smoothly. The melodies of the tremolo riffs are all very flowing, having a kind of rolling feel like a lake on a windy day, counter pointed by the aforementioned acoustic sections which have a strong earthy feel. This earthiness is really the overall feel of the album, and all aspects work together to achieve it; Der Ort is a really nature inspired album, with the production, songwriting and the tone of the instruments all coming together to this end." - The Metal Crypt

Label: Heavy Horses Records

Line up:

Tim Steffens - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Florian Toyka - Guitars, Bass


1 Der Ort
2 Forlorn Sea
3 Winternacht
4 The River
5 Waldschrat
6 Red Urn
7 The Wanderer
8 October

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Sides - Dedalus [2007]

1 The Idea (5:33)
2 They Come By Night (4:01)
3 Luv (3:39)
4 Dedalus (6:59)
5 The Unfinished End Of H.W. (5:26)
6 Mistake (2:53)
7 Against The Sun (5:07)
8 Runaway (5:54)
9 Icarus (4:08)
10 Into The Sea (4:48)
11 Stay (5:15)

All Sides pull a Two Gallants on this latest album, going for that smarter-than-thou James Joyce reference (the album draws its name from the Stephen Dedalus character of Ulysses). Although they might belong to the same book club, musically All Sides (aka Bremen's Nina Kernicke) could hardly be further removed from the Texan troubadours: this album is a distinctly dystopic application of technology and post-industrial electronics. Heck, album opener 'The Idea' sounds a bit like the theme music from The Terminator, while more beat-driven pieces like 'They Come By Night' and 'Icarus' sound like they might have been penned to soundtrack an episode of Spooks. Kernicke's production work is at its best on tracks like 'Luv' and 'Mistake', however, when it takes on a creepy ambience of Lustmord proportions. Lovely. ~ Boomkat


320 kbps

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nest - Trail of the Unwary (2007)

A modern classic of ambient/neofolk. Mandatory.

"A hidden pool amidst the woods where the otters come to play, an owl's faint call echoing through the woods, sparkling waterfalls and vast snowcovered landscapes where the reindeer folk and wolves hold their domain. These are only some of the things with the atmosphere Nest strives to capture.
As you can see, nature - our wondrous Godgiven playground, fantasy and more precisely fables are the fluid that courses through Nest's veins. Old folk and animal tales as well as the works of Brothers Grimm and Tolkien, to name a few, have been the roots of great inspiration. " - Nest

Label: Corvus Records


A. Tolonen – Kantele, synths, didgeridoo, voice, composition/lyrics, visual art
T. Saxell – Vocals, bass guitar


1 Moonbow
2 Claw and Fang
3 Kontio
4 Hunt
5 The Mire
6 The Turning of the Tides
7 Across the Waters

Available for purchase from both Nest and from the label. Support!

Bitrate - V2

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Subheim - Approach [2008]

1 Hush (3:12)
2 Ybe 76 (4:42)
3 One Step Before The Exit (5:10)
4 Howl (7:32)
5 Away (6:15)
6 Hollow (6:35)
7 Stranded (5:30)
8 Intact (2:32)
9 Voces Perdidas (5:33)
10 Hollow (Mobthrow Remix) (6:05)
11 One Step Before The Exit (Flaque Remix) (5:38)

Subheim is Kostas K's project ( composer / video artist / graphic designer), a downtempo, experimental project with idm elements, together with female vocalist Katja.
Laid-back as well as complex rhythms, deep reverbs and bitcrushed sounds combined with pianos, cellos, long release keyboards and haunting voices, flirting with post-rock and atmospheric downtempo music.
Inspired by subjects like urban isolation and the outburst of man's deepest emotions, Subheim deliver an ideal soundtrack for chaotic moments filled with melancholy...


320 kbps

Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow - Ambessence Piano & Drones [2008]

1 Ambessence Piano & Drones 1 (10:01)
2 Ambessence Piano & Drones 2 (6:28)
3 Ambessence Piano & Drones 3 (8:33)
4 Ambessence Piano & Drones 4 (8:37)
5 Ambessence Piano & Drones 5 (14:29)
6 Ambessence Piano & Drones 6 (7:35)
7 Ambessence Piano & Drones 7 (6:07)


320 kbps

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ataraxia - Nosce Te Ipsum [2008]

1 Prophetia
2 Aigues Mortes
3 Tu Es La Force Du Silence
4 Flée Et Fabian
5 Nosce Te Ipsum
6 Zweistimmenstäuschung
7 Torquemada
8 Incabala

Nosce Te Ipsum is a new step into the ancient times of this very important medieval band from Italy! The status of Ataraxia is one of the most important worldwide with lot of excellent albums. Now they return with an amazing re - release with another title of a long deleted album.

The songs were taken from the 1991 homonym Ataraxia’s demo tape previously included in Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. ...the states of mind and heart collected in the pages of a voluminous book, "Prophetia". Is destiny driven by accident or by Fortune? A Kafkian succession of questions without answer in a re-created inquisitorial trial of our times, the slow march of a humanity who tries desperately and unsuccessfully to know itself bearing the burden of its own chaotic existence and blindness. Finally, an act of rebellion and courage, an awakened consciousness that could lead to a new birth and refound harmony in the fluid cycle of Nature where every gesture and sound acquires a metaphysical value. Will we be able to transform the wrought material into Gold?


320 kbps

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Position Parallèle - Position Parallèle [2008]

1 Hotel Du Nord (4:01)
2 Tes Lèvres... / Passe Les Portes (8:27)
3 Gorge "Arachnée" (2:57)
4 Je Reviendrai (2:44)
5 Émission (4:32)
6 Fortune (2:57)
7 Si Calme (4:23)
8 Une Erreur (5:51)

The cold electronic side project of Derniere Volonte, a sentimental melancholic journey into the early 80's. The charming voice and the minimalistic dreams will make you move your feet even more than during a Derniere Volonte gig! First eponym album, coming with 8 tracks, to present this first step into the big sphere of surrealism, cold love & lonely despair.


320 kbps

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hecq - Night Falls [2008]

1 Night Falls (4:52)
2 Never Leave (5:43)
3 Dis (6:08)
4 Dis (Reverberation) (1:52)
5 Bending Time (4:56)
6 Aback (3:08)
7 Come Home (5:14)
8 Giants (6:04)
9 Magnetism (6:58)
10 Red Sky (3:52)
11 Above (4:48)
12 I Am You (9:12)


Brilliant album from this previously IDM-based project.
2008 wasn't the best year for dark ambient, but I see this as easily the best dark ambient album released last year and one of the best in the past several years.

320 kbps

Ostara - Kingdom Gone [2002]

1 Bavaria (4:45)
2 Hammer Of Ages (3:50)
3 The Trees March North (5:06)
4 March Of The Rising Sun (4:03)
5 Overworld (5:06)
6 Sword Of Reverie (3:32)
7 Never Weep (4:24)
8 Tatenokai (6:30)
9 Life's Symmetry (4:58)
10 Divine Wind (3:48)
11 Transylvania (5:24)
12 Kingdom Gone (5:27)


192 kbps

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Espen Jørgensen - On the Great Alkali Plains (2006)

Not your normal post on The Rosemary Locale, but this is an album that I would like to share with you all. Espen Jørgensen is a Norwegian acoustic/classical/new age guitarist, most people will probably be able to identify with the fact that Espen made contributions on Ulver's Shadows of the Sun, here is his only solo effort to date. This album is easily among my top 5 favourite releases of the current decade. An incredibly talented and so far criminally overlooked musician.

"... Espen Jørgensen is not a name that will fling from the tongues of dark aficionados of neofolk with casual or obscure recognition, as the guitarist is a rare breed, an idiom with only tentative links to the physiognomy of the European tradition of shadowy song. This album is a composed performance of virtuosity, the degree of performance on solo guitar says as much right from the get go...

The Norwegian’s complected fingerstyle encircles and fills the spaces of the listener’s abode, redolent with echoic tails that transform one’s room into a chamber where even the inhalation/exhalation of a sorcerer at work can be discerned. Dissecting chordal structures, the fingerstyle of Jørgensen employs droning open-strings over intricate wefts of constantly evolving arpeggios and chord melody. Sharing an avant-garde take on fingerstyle as in some of John Fahey or Leo Kottke’s unusual instrumentation, ‘On the Great Alkali Plains’ elicits a decidedly modern American feel of acoustic guitar performance.

It is not until the third, fourth, and fifth tracks that hints of classicism and more experimental guitar fragmentation attest to Jørgensen’s influence being far wider than initially experienced.." Heathen Harvest, April 2007 "...The pristine pluck-and-strum of Norwegian artist Espen Jørgensen's acoustic steelstring and 11-string harp guitars is a thing of beauty and a marvel to behold..." Textura April 2007 "...Images of the late Michael Hedges and even Ralph Towner come to mind when listening to On the Great Alkali Plains, as the lulling, classically inspired arrangements sweep you away into never-never land..." Sea of Tranquility February 2007 "...Norway may have a reputation of ice and snow, Espen Jørgensen provides an audial warm blanket by the simple means of one guitar..."

Label: Jester Records


1 The Immaculate Conception
2 Move Ahead - Quickly
3 Mirabell
4 Down From The High Peak
5 Barren
6 The Woods
7 Farbror Melkers Bekymring
8 Himmelsangen - Buy the CD

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blackfilm - Blackfilm [2008]

1. Come & See (7:04)
2. Interference (7:13)
3. Untitled (2:17)
4. Stalingrad (10:11)
5. Sonar (5:58)
6. Five Years (4:16)
7. Midnight To 4 AM (4:35)
8. Mahabharata (5:25)
9. Atlantikend (8:02)

Spectraliquid's second release is the very first full-length album of this incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day electronic music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely original.Down-tempo cinematic beats and melodies portrayed in a dark, atmospheric environment moving from fearsome, lonely frames to chaotic feelings of urban self-destruction... Blackfilm has created an ideal soundtrack for film-noir movie scores of the finest quality, delivered in a unique mixture of ambient, downtempo, orchestral music...


320 kbps
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