Friday, June 13, 2008

Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum [2006]

1 For All Things Now Dead And Gone (6:19)
2 A Horrible Excess Of Stench... (5:52)
3 ...Thrown Up By The Profound Abyss (4:48)
4 What Comes Forth From Obscurity (7:56)
5 Among The Blackest Souls Below (7:04)
6 Governed By The Sphere Of Mars (5:52)
7 From The Gulf And Into Existence (6:53)
8 Ancient Voices Haunt The Deep (6:18)
9 On The Brink Of The Steep (6:24)
While mumbling the sacred incantations, Camanecroszcope played slow minimal rhythms on the bones and skulls of those who tried before. The sounds reflected on the moist walls, creating the perfect ambience for the ritual. Black Ambient.


320 kbps

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