Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sator Absentia - Fluid Artefacts [2001]

1 - 2 Minutes Before
2 - Reality Interference
3- Cthonian Eyes
4- Testing Emptiness
5- Fluid Artefacts
6- Incandescence
7- Rectangular Oracle
8- Red Eidolon
9- Flat Beat of Mindscape
10- Breath Gate
11- Meta Sexuality

Sator Absentia is Cedric Codognet former member (EX)Asmorod, with the support of FredRik Bergström of
No Festival Of Light. The sound of this project moves on the Cinematic dark ambient, with Pulsating, ritual soundscapes combined with the deep atmospheric sounds of an electric violin / cello.

I discover this great project on the Compilation of the French Elegy Magazine #17, that had the track 9, one of my favourites of all album.

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