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The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud [1992]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Untitled
9- Untitled
10- Untitled
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud were Alzbeth and Albin Julius ( Der Blutharsch). The project name describe a phenomenon that occur in every place on earth, its a real situation that we can present. This situation provoke different reactions and experiences on people. Some feel exalted others stronger, free, depressed or puzzled with the scenery. But all feel noble with the phenomenon. The TMLHBAC music must be feel by the listener in personal way, This is the reason why they never put names on tracks and label their music, the space is open to fantasy…

“ On the begin Arthur was transported to Avalon. Bloody bells and drums mourn over is leaving. Meanwhile in the Round Table swords were raise on silence. In the woods an orgiastic dance was performed around the incandescent fire. Gloomy dances with fairys that mixed with the bewitch virgins by the immortal dragons. Lancelot notice from the mist…”
Words translated from the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998
First Album of TMLHBAC, The first pressing is a limited edition folded cardboard sleeve with A.R.T. and World Serpent contact information. Later re-issues came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information..

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