Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the Woods... - Heart of the Ages (1995)

A classic of the black metal genre, with ambient and doom influences. No big introduction needed here; this was one of the most experimental and progressive black metal releases of the second wave, and one of my favourites of that period. Mandatory for anyone interested in the genesis of the post-black metal subgenre.

Label: Misanthropy Records


X. Botteri - Guitar
Ovl. Swithjod - Vocals
Oddvar A:M - Guitar
C.M. Botteri - Bass
Anders Kobro - Drums
Synne Larsen - Female Vocals


1 Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension
2 Heart of the Ages
3 ... In the Woods
4 Mourning the Death of Aase
5 Wotan's Return
6 Pigeon
7 The Divinity of Wisdom

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