Monday, March 30, 2009

Disharmony - Malignant Shields [2007]

1 Drops Of Dust (5:39)
2 Vanity (4:17)
3 Spiritual Tribe (2:43)
4 Human Deadline (4:02)
5 Gone In Silence (4:09)
6 Virus (2:55)
7 Confused (3:18)
8 Oblivions (7:58)
9 Parasite (4:35)
10 Storm (3:29)
11 Twilight Zone (4:39)
12 Ridiculous (6:44)
13 Out Of Time (3:56)

Endless transformations and experimenting with sound is natural phase that brings Disharmony in their next work. This time fifth stop and mapping of their territory, Disharmony opens their next phase and with their new album opens the gates into the space of electro underground. Combining industrial elements and idm puts Disharmony into the modern, electro revolution and with this opens next phase and possibility to look into the ambiental waters covered into hybrid structures that seconds cinematic moods and lived vocals. Destructive and at the same time beautiful listening. Those who listen to Disharmony from their beginnings will hear a primary root that has put their electrodes into the time depths. Electronic vibrations are pulsating between organic frequencies and beautiful moods. Disharmony has moved one level higher. Intelligent and modern work!!!

Limited to 550 copies.
Comes in a mini DVD package.


320 kbps

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