Sunday, March 29, 2009

Svarte Greiner - Penpals Forever [2008]

A1 Untitled (11:02)
A2 Silence (5:12)
A3 Untitled (8:54)
B Untitled (13:59)

*STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION - 150 COPIES ONLY FOR THE WORLD!!!* Deaf Center sound sculptor Erik K. Skodvin caps off his recent bout of activity with this now sold-out-at-source cassette from Digitalis' limited edition series. Don't let that oddly cheery title fool you: Penpals Forever is an auditory grimoire of disturbing soundscapes and blurred dissonances. As we've come to expect from such a skilled electronic composer as Skodvin there's an intangibility and fluidity that hides the seams of this music's construction, burying just about any clearly defined instrumental element and casting it into a pool of analogue hiss. As with any music this mysterious and furtive it's bound to carry all manner of subconscious connotations, suggestive of nocturnal spaces, coastal, wave-like motions and cavernous depths, you feel as though you're being taken on a tour of dark corners and abandoned, desolate locales. Although not nearly as explicitly intricate as his Knive debut album, Penpals Forever maintains the gloomy brilliance of Svarte Greiner's career to date, and delivers a piece of music that aligns wonderfully with the characterful, lo-fi eeriness the cassette format can so aptly lend itself to. Amazing stuff - A real collectors item. - Boomkat


VBR - V0


Anonymous said...

this looks choice, love greiner's way of putting sounds together, eminently listenable instead of downright dirgy or show-offy.. merci, cpstan said...

Thanks for 'Penpals Forever.' Do you have Svarte's 'Man Bird Dress'? I can't find that release anywhere.


Anonymous said...

re up pls?

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