Saturday, May 2, 2009

Maeror Tri - Ambiguitas [1995]

A1 Death Surrounds You (15:41)
A2 Fusion Of Segmentary Intelligence (5:59)
A3 Furtive Menace (3:24)
A4 Caligo (4:58)
B1 Amplexari (5:54)
B2 Magical Attraction (5:58)
B3 Pulchritudo (4:38)
B4 Delphic Oracle (6:39)
B5 Northern Lights (4:50)
This tape is dedicated to the never understandable ambiguity of life!

Limited edition of 149 numbered copies.


256 kbps


Anonymous said...

marvelous progenitor band, great range of textures, listenable but not too abstract nor avant garde unlistenable, appealing sound sculpting.. thanx, z'al

Peter Tron said...

yeah, great stuff!!

kingpossum said...

I already dig MT, but would have downloaded this regardless based only on your one-liner, solitaryeve! Ambiguity, uncertainty, mystery and surprises rule.

Thanks for the post and the great blog.


doc kwan said...

Thank you so very very much for this post. This is one of the few M3 releases that I have previously been unable to locate. Might you by any chance have Mind Reversal to post? I belive the CD version on Blade (as is Peak Experience) has additional material not released on the original cassette. Thanks again & peace.

Dead Lights said...

I really appreciate Maeror Tri, but there's a lot of different works, and some of them - like Ambiguitas - hard to find ! Can you reupload them if it's possible.
Many many thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

de accuerdo mi amor !!!

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