Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nordvargr - Interstellar 2 [2009]

Interstellar 2
01 Transmission 5 / Transmitting Emptiness
02 Transmission 6 / Entering abandoned sector Cosmos 69
03 Transmission 7 / Kvasar
04 Transmission 8 / Ultra Deep Field
05 Transmission 9 / Barrier
06 Transmission 10 / Expanding Matter II
07 Transmission 11 / Song of Saturn (demo pre Interstellar)

08 Transmission 1 / Nothingness Approaching
09 Transmission 2 / Massive Interstellar Darkness
10 Transmission 3 / Expanding Matter
11 Transmission 4 / Returning To A Balanced Existence

" I am the first to admit that the MP3 format is not the best way to enjoy
this music, but I have worked with the mastering quite hard to make the
files sound as good as possible, even though they are compressed.

Spread it as much as you want - seed, copy, burn etc... sharing is caring.

I will not go in to a long rant about free internet and piracy, but to sum
it up:
Support what is good and worth supporting (small independent labels are
always good and should be encouraged and supported).
Put pressure on the system to make it better.


If you would like to give something back to the artist to show
appreciation, please go to and find the contact info.
Paypal donations are welcome. "


320 kbps


catskin_gloves said...

Loved Interstellar 1, so I'm totally stoked to hear the 2nd part! Thanks to Nordvargr for giving us some wicked spaceambient - you can never have too much of this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you very much!!

philanoia said...

Thanks for including this here. Hail Nordvargr.

indie said...

Nordvargr releases can make you lost into deep space.

like state of trance.
and effect of Brain Waves.

Hail Nordvargr.

indie said...

Nordvargr's releases sounds meditative and deep space. one can get lost into it. trance like situation.

Hail Nordvargr

Anonymous said...

link dead, your blog smells shit

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