Friday, May 15, 2009

Rome - To Die Among Strangers (EP) [2009]

1 To Die Among Strangers (4:14)
2 Reversion (Edit) (4:45)
3 Wir Götter Der Stadt (Edit) (5:16)
4 Mourir A Madrid (9:15)

News from the orchards of ROME. With their works inspired by expressionist literature and the feeling of departure of the early 20th Century, ROME has made quite a name for itself in the european underground.

Within only 3 years ROME have released their debut EP and three full-length albums. ROME’s music is steeped in melancholy, loss and despair and a sacred solitude that is defined by the detachment from all political and religious systems.

As a teaser to the upcoming album ROME now announces the release of the EP „To Die Among Strangers“, limited to 999 copies and sold only via mailorders. The EP features a single from the album, the remixes of two classic ROME tracks „Reversion“ und „Wir Götter der Stadt“ and an exclusive dark ambient track which perfectly evokes the theme of exile so characteristical of the upcoming album.

ROME proves yet again that they have created a unique brand of apocalyptic folk with subtle lyrics, a haunting voice, melodic guitar work and a sound coming from the nebulous depths of European history.


VBR - V2


fall said...

thanks. this is beautiful.
rome is the best thing in music in this decade.

Satan_My_Lord said...

very nice songs....thanx for this

Anonymous said...

Rome es de las mejores cosas que me he encontrado en mi arido camino,gracias campeon por dejarme esta joya hasta que me la pille. Chao

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