Friday, December 4, 2009

Want free exposure for your personal music project/band?

In the past I've received many emails from musicians asking me to listen to their work and then post it on the blog for promotion.
This is something I'm happy to do but most of the time I've been given either a myspace music page or some weird flash player somewhere on a music hosting site.
Half of the time the audio doesn't stream/download correctly or these pages get lost in the 100's of bookmarks I sift through every day.

Thanks to Megaupload's file box plug-in there's an easy way to send me your music directly for promotional purposes.
Just zip or RAR your album/demo and upload by clicking the "browse" button and finding the file on your computer.
Enter a short description and click "send".
Once the file is uploaded I will automatically be emailed the download link.
I will listen to every album/demo in it's entirety.
If the quality is good and the content appropriate for this blog, I'll glady post it here for everyone to see.
I'll post up a download link to your music, a link to your project's Myspace/blog/website and any other information you provide me with.

Small record label owners are also welcome to send me their releases for promotion on this blog.

*There are a few simple requirements*

• Any audio format is accepted, but the bit rate must be a minimum of 192 kbs.
Lossless audio is very much preferred, but not required.

• An HTML or text file with a link to your Myspace/blog/website must be provided.
A short bio would also be appreciated, if possible.

• Your music must fit with the overall theme of this blog.
Take a look around to see if your work would fit in well here.

Any submission that fails to meet the requirements above will be ignored.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

• S.E •


SQNCS said...

I've tried this 'Filebox' a several times, but it doesn't seem to work...

SolitaryEve said...

What happens when you try to use it?

SQNCS said...

it says: Estimated time left: ??:??:??
Elapsed time - Transfer rate: counting @ 0 kB/s

SolitaryEve said...

Is the file over 500mb? If so it won't work, you need to be a premium member for that.

Anonymous said...

you want our music
you want us to send bio
do you do anything???


SolitaryEve said...

I post your music and any information about your project here for promotion. It's for small artists who want exposure. What don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that artists (dark wave;neofolk;dark ambient etc.)are recognizing that this blog is the best advertisement they can get. When I hear something I really like, I buy it .I don't hear this type of music anywhere else.

Stephen McMullin said...

Hrm... Somehow I can't make the MU thing work for me, but I have a mediafire link for if'n you are interested:


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