Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zelienople - Give It Up [2009]

1 Aging
2 Can't Stop
3 All I Want Is Calm
4 Water Saw
5 I Can Put All My Faith in Her
6 Little Lady Eyefull
7 Dust Bowl
8 All Planed

This unbelievable album from Chicago's Zelienople evokes the spirit of some of the most treasured music we've come to know over the years, fusing in elements of Talk Talk at their most washed-out, early Bark Psychosis, and the narcotic sweeps of Slowdive fused in with the smoky menace of Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Angelo Badalamenti, and the darkest nightscapes of David Lynch. Album opener "Aging" shrouds a veil of mystery over dusted instrumentation that's somehow both evocative of vast abandoned landscapes and the most intangible and detailed abstractions brought on by incurable insomnia. It's that 'epic' evocation of intimacy that's so distinctive about the whole album, utilising that same sumptuous, slowly-evolving methodology that defined the seminal 'Scum' EP Bark Psychosis released almost 20 years ago. 'Can't Stop' introduces skittering percussion and even hazier arrangements, building from a quietly menacing drone to an almost hallucinatory tapestry of sounds, but it's "I Can Put All My Faith in Her" that crafts the formula to its most affecting, narrowing itself to a focused acoustic arrangement that's more conventionally song-like, with all those enveloping signatures cleverly and gradually submerging you deeper into its murky waters. There's something unspeakably magical about the way this band somehow alchemise familiar components into this deep, almost haunting mass of sound, making for an album that's virtually impossible to categorise but which will no doubt end up taking up one of those hallowed spots in your collection reserved for the most special, moving records you feel the rest of the world just couldn't possibly understand. Immense. - Boomkat


FLAC (lossless)

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