Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Galerie Schallschutz - Teddybear [2004, mcd]

1- Berlin Tempelhof (7350 Air Base Group)
2- Electrical Nerve Gas
3- Stimulated Gamma Impulse
4- Psychotronic War
5- The Hum

"Teddybear" can be considered as a supplement to the album "HAARP". The album deals with a mysterious phenomenon closer to home. Apparently there is a secret military project at airport Berlin Tempelhof, with strange low frequency noises coming from some sort of antenna. Many people in the surroundings of the airtport are disturbed by an incessant humming which penetrates their houses. An independent investigation team beleives there's a connection between the humming and the military installations at Berlin Tempelhof. "Teddybear" is the codename for the U.S. military base at Berlin Tempelhof.The five tracks deal with various manifestations of frequencies and microwaves. The low frequency noises make up for interesting sound source material. The last track contains a minute of the original hum recorded at Berlin. The sound goes to collages of ambient/noise music and many samples. Sometimes dense and ritual, often dark and chilling.
(some words taken from "Funprox Webzine")

If you like the "Haarp", that i already post here. you will like this too :)

This item is a mini cd ,limited to 300 copies. It comes in a 10" gatefold-sleeve. A cardboard-sleeve for the CD is sticked inside the cover. Inserts are a 2-page 10.5x21 cm postcard and an one sided 21x15 cm info sheet. A special edition, limited to 49 copies, also exists. All the contents of the normal edition packaged in a special box with a personal gift.

Galerie Schallschutz and Eternal Soul originally planned to release this music on vinyl format. The 10" sleeves were already manufactured. But then a problem arose: no vinyl pressing plant could press the record, because of the 'frequency range and sound characteristics'.

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Anonymous said...

loved haarp, love these guys work, sorta field recordings; loved the ohlon as well, man, that sinkhole sighs.. great stuff!! zenwarrior

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