Monday, March 9, 2009

Various Artists - Walking With Ghosts (2006)

Interesting compilation concept album from Paradigms.

"Presented in dvd box packaging with beautiful photography from Alexandre Rito...featuring an eclectic yet balanced collection of nocturnal epic collection of mist frosted ambient, through spectral modern classical and haunting vocal composition to sorrowful slo-core and heavy atmospheric astral prog." - Label

Label: Paradigms Recordings


1 And Machine Said...Behold - The Contortionist
2 Catonium - Speaking With The Dead
3 Selaxon Lutberg - Remember Or Forget (Dissolti I)
4 Escape The Day - Hallways
5 Throne Of Galaktus - Bloodcloud
6 Paul Mercer - Ghosts
7 Monarkh - Devore Par L'hiver
8 Le'Rue Delashay - Death & Rebirth
9 The Victim's Shudder - Silent When You Scream
10 The Waking Cold - Independence
11 Catonium - Marching Into Metropolis
12 Vulf Sentient - Suffer In Ignorance
13 Annastatsea - Welcome Butterfly
14 Throne Of Galaktus - Sirens
15 Visions - Vortex

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Khaos[] said...

thank you very much for this, paradigms is definitely on of the best (underrated) labels that release this kind of "esoteric" music.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a ANNASTATSEA cd? Great comp. I bought it also following your link.

Witheringvisions said...

You're always welcome Khaos, yes it is indeed a great label, they release a lot of obscure and underground stuff you really can't find anywhere else.

Thanks a lot for your comment Paul, it's great to hear you bought the CD. In regards to Annastatsea, I had a look around and it looks like you can't buy any more material by her at the moment.

However in a recent blog post on her myspace page it says "At the moment I am in the process of organizing the works for purchase through the net and other various options,this will soon be announced". There is also another post that talks about two new albums that are being worked on, so you should be able to get some more Annastatsea stuff soon.

Anonymous said...

an interesting album, good mixture evidenced of sounds.. thanks so much for all your tremendous posts.. zoos

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