Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maeror Tri - Peak Experience (CDr) [2005]

1 My Electrocution (9:12)
2 Sneaking Movement (2:32)
3 Sensory Deprivation (4:16)
4 Cursed Colours (2:42)
5 Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head) (10:32)
6 Talita Kum! (5:05)
7 Translucent Vault (5:56)
8 Wovoka (4:04)
9 The Threat (5:18)
10 Endless Space (4:05)
11 The Last Perception (4:16)
Limited to 150 hand numbered copies in a special wooden package.
An edition of 50 hand numbered copies also exists. It is packaged only in the laminated paper sleeve, and the '1' in '150' has been covered with black ink. It is unclear if this is a second edition or a promo edition.

"Peak Experience" was the very first widely available Maeror Tri cassette, it was released in 1989 in two versions: the first was released by the american cassette label Harsh Reality Music, the second appearead later on the german label Bestattungsinstitut.


320 kbps


Peter Tron said...

Many thanks Solitary Eye!

Like I said earlier, if there's any maeror Tri stuff your after, I have about 90 percent of it [original and otherwise].



Dead Lights said...

It would be great if you can re-upload the Maeror Tri albums, especially "Ambient Dreams" and "Ambiguitas" very hard to find.(well "Peak Experience" is welcome too !)
Many thanks !

Anonymous said...

yeah, would love to hear ambient dreams.. js.

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