Thursday, July 31, 2008

WestWind - Le Vent Divin [2004, LP]

A1- Introduction
A2- Banzai
A3- Assaut
A4- Jinrai
B1- Patriotisme
B2- Le Vent Divin
B3- Requiem

This is another nice work from this French Project in the field of Dark Ambient and Militaristic Industrial.

Released on Very Limited Edition with 300 copies on black vinyl and 87 copies on red vinyl 1press, there is a redition from 2005 on box-set with white marbeled lp, cdr and t-shirt limited to 33 copies.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - S/T [1997, 7"]

A1- Untitled
A2- Untitled

(ART 10)Vinyl, 7", Picture Disc, Single One-sided picture disc, Limited numbered edition of 222 copies.


The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud- Were You of Silver, Were You of Gold [1996]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Untitled

"Were you of silver, Were you of gold" (1996 ART 6) contains eight tracks which were specially written and recorded for the Dutch Radio 3/VPRO show 'Grand Disco Classique' and first broadcast in October 1995. This will also was issued in a limited (to 500) vinyl edition with an extra track.
The theme reflects their "inner conflict" with the bloody history of Yugoslavia and its style is very Balkan indeed.


Various - The Nemeth: A Collection Of Songs Forged By Ancient Shadows [1999]

1- Oktober Black: Ritual Dusk
2- Oktober Black: Homage
3Wolfskin: Seven Steps To A Lost Doorway
4-Wolfskin: Drowned In A Cold Sea Of Leaves
5-Ereshkigal: Drawled To Silence
6-Ereshkigal: Faint Chants Of Drowsiness
7-Once A Barge: Ring Stones
8-Once A Barge : Under A Withered Oak
9-Karnnos: Silence... And Stars, Falling
10-Karnnos: The Song Of Amergin, Loki... And The Wind
11-The Joy Of Nature And Discipline: Spirals (1:41)
12-The Joy Of Nature And Discipline: A Lament For This Cursed Age
13-Nerthiagh: Marchrashee
14-Nerthiagh: Nemetobriga
This is a Excellent and very Rare compilation of the defunct (i think...) Portuguese Label Reaping Hord, Johan Aernus was the label founder, and he was behind projects like Wolfskin, Karnnos, The Joy of Nature and Discipline, etc. The label had edit industrial/dark ambient/neo-folk records in very limited editions.The Nemeth is dedicated to the sacred woods.

Handmade Package in a hardback leather sleeve, hand painted, closed by leather thongs and wrapped in real oak leaves and pine needles. Limited to 50 copies.

p.s. For thus of you who dont know, after Reaping Hord, had exist another great Portuguese Label, called Forgotten Blood, who as also edit very good Tapes, with projects like Zwickau, Warriors of Nature, IN Articulo Mortis...i dont have any tapes, just listen some musics, so if there is anybody who have say something...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tearwave - A Different Shade of Beauty [2008]

1 Shattered Fairytale (4:46)
2 Holding On (5:25)
3 Nothing's Wrong (4:55)
4 Reflection (4:19)
5 The Message (5:04)
6 Falling From Grace (4:55)
7 Can't Go Home (3:54)
8 Claiming Life (4:28)
9 Under The Milky Way (4:39)
10 Read Me (5:01)
11 Love Only Makes Me Weak (4:43)
12 Ripped Apart (3:27)
13 Comfort In Angels' Wings (5:01)
14 First Time (4:52)
15 Forgettable Name (3:43)
16 Question (4:20)
17 72 BPM (3:53)
A year after their debut, Tearwave returns with this monumental 17 song, 77 minute CD. Overflowing with passion and motion, Jennifer's soaring vocals float over guitar glaciers, letting her words flow from a very authentic place, tapping into the darkest sides of her self.

Different Shade of Beauty's huge washes of shoegazer / indie-rock / dream-pop is driven by Doug's sweeping, gauzy guitars creating a dense musical interplay with Joe's surging bass-lines and John's insistent drum rhythms. And yet, even with the beautiful layers of musical melody, it's the ghostly ethereal soprano and dark lyrics which beckons through the tracks, like a woman lost in a wintry, foggy forest.

vbr ~265 kbps

Bad Sector - Ze [1994]

A1- Ampos
A2- GruHiu
A3- Ou
A4- TrozOu
A5- Ze
B1- Ahibbe
B2- Pnia
B3- RsAa
B4- Npoi
B5- Drulco

Bad Sector is Massimo Magrini from Italy, During late 80s, he played in a local electronic band (Jesus Blood), using self built analog and digital synthesizers. Besides these activities in 1992 he created his Bad Sector musical project, trying to discover dark sonic areas and focusing his attention on the melting point between ambient, experimental, noise and minimal music. He has released various CDs and vinyls, always having good responses from international underground electronic music magazines and listeners, and performed live in a lot of countrys.

This is the first work of Bad Sector, this is a Cassette and comes Packaged in an A6 sleeve.

p.s. I can post a lot of Works of Bad Sector, i think i have everything from him ...but i only post if people in general like, so PLEASE SAY something in Comments.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

...The Soil Bleeds Black - May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged [1998]

1- This Is A Tale...
2- Enter The Green Knight
3- To Strike One Stroke For Another
4- A Twelvemonth Of Fear For The Coming Year
5- Rejoice
6- Victory Is Mine
7- Foreshadow
8- Now Sets Off A Noble Knight
9- Sorrow With Summer Comes
10- Sir Gawain Bores His Emblem Bright
11- Across Country He Rides For The Table Round
12- A Castle Most Comely
13- We Welcome Thee, Sir Gawain
14- There Was Meat, There Was Mirth, There Was Much Joy
15- The Good Host's Deal
16- The Lord, His Host, Leads The First Hunt
17- Fair Pastimes They Pursue
18- She Kisses The Knight So True
19- With Many A Brave Blast They Boast Their Prize
20- Sweet Melody
21- Gallant And True Sir Gawain Still
22- Off To The Wood Away
23- Gracious Gawawin Gives Thanks
24- Now The New Year Draws Near
25- In His Richest Raiment
26- That Princely Steed
27- Warning From The Man That Rode Nearby
28- The Chapel Green
29- What A Place Acursed
30- Strike Once More
31- Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
32- The Green Knight Fails At The Third Throw
33- Hony Soyt Qui Mal Pense
34- Gawain Sets Out Anew

TSBB's themed third album based on the "Tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." This album exhibits TSBB's first explorations into non-synthetic instrumentation and carries both jovial and melancholic atmospheres.Just another FANTASTIC album for this great artists. Highly Recommend

Comes in a very niceDigipak.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - Yndalongg [1996, Vinyl, 10"]

A1 - Untitled
A2 - Untitled
B - Untitled

Yndalongg (ART 4) containing three previously unreleased tracks, all recorded at Little Saxam Church, Suffolk
The A side is more typical of the duo's normal style,
first track concerns the heinous 'Children's Crusade' of 1212 in which corrupt merchants traded on Christian zeal to transport thousands of children from Marseilles to Alexandria where they were sold into slavery. The song has a strong melody line, clever counterpoising of Elisabeth's two vocal tracks. The second track appears to be a thematic sequel.
The B side has a laid-back, ambient-industrial instrumental which is very like some Nurse With Wound.

Yndalongg is a 10" and comes in a grey sleeve with a grey poster featuring the group's logo. Limited edition to 555 copies.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

LEICHE RUSTIKAL - Epitaph [1993]

1- Ave verum corpus
2- Tao
3- Hinc oritur omnis
4- Wuthering hights
5- Exile
6- No more days (missing Track)
7- 1, 3,5,7 (missing Track)
8- Stalingard (missing Track)
9- I Love You, My Child
10- Desire
11- Epitaphium
12- Präludium

p.s. - Sory for the missing ones, Unhappily one day i delete that tracks, it was an accident.

Leiche Rustikal is Artur Zab from Poland, this great Project moves on the Dark Industrial,Old School Industrial, Ritual Drone, Experimental territory, well i can't define what is do , but ist Fantastic. His works are related to human being in relationship with his environment, with others, with the contrast between big cities and nature, with mythology and history, in opposition with the present… On his live shows and projections he saids “i am also trying de react to political events by using different sequences extracted from internet, so as to show how media are dishonest”.

Epitaph was the very first release of Leiche Rustikal, originally released on tape in 1993 and lim. 100 copies. This is a classic of european Dark-Industrial Music. Recent Also released on vinyl, in a lim. ed. of 111 copies.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - A Night In Fear [1996, E.P.]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled

A Night In Fear (1996 ART 8) is a joint production of the Moon lay hidden and their good friend, Lina of Deutsch Nepal. This is not a split CD but a close collaboration between the two parties, creating a neo-folk/ritual-industrial hybrid which is more than the sum of its parts. The 3-track, 30-minute CD is powerful and exciting. The CD cover appears to feature some jolly huntsmen, but in usual minimalist Moon style other details are marked by their absence.

Released in a jewel case with textured paper.


The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - Kostnice [1996, Vinyl 7"]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled

Kostnice containing two tracks recorded at the ossuary of Köstel Vsech svatých (All Saints' Church) in Bohemia.It has to be said that the music on this live recording is a bit thin and the sound quality does not compare with the studio-recorded CDs.

Issued in a limited edition of 222 numbered copies. Packaged in a paper similar to parchment-style and sealed with wax seals.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

APOPTOSE - Nordland [2000]

1- Unter Bewusstsein
2- Abschied von der Sonne
3- Nordlicht
4- Nidstång
5- Horizont
6- Sturmnacht
7- Erntewôd

This is the first release from this EXCELLENT German one-man project who makes instrumental, mostly electronic music, with great depth and variety. And of course, is one of my Favourite Artists.

"With elements of dark ambience and martial neo-classical, Apoptose infuse inspiration from both into their own sound, subsequently creating a great album in the process. To describe further, there are no tracks that could really be considered neo-classical in their own right, yet it is the use of ritual/martial percussion and solemn classical tunes that give this in part a similar aura. Crowd noise, mid-paced pounding martial beats and solemn keyboard layers are found on the opener, ‘Uter Bewusstsein’, while the sorrowful yet rousing atmospheres of ‘Abschied Von Der Sonne’ are accentuated by selected outbursts of sharp drum rolls (that become more prominent mid way through to take the main focus). The sampled female choir vocals of ‘Nidstang’ give a broad comparison to Raison d’être (at his most composed), with the backing music containing shifting bass soaked noise and classically inspired keyboard layers. The classical type movement continues into ‘Horizont’ with a deep cello being the most discernable element of the melody. Mid-way in, heavy martial drumming pounds into contention creating a much more aggressive aura over the unchanging musical backing. The drawn out concluding track ‘Erntewod’ is content with slowly forging forward with a repeating tune and fluctuating backing consolidating the pieces focus. The only thing left to mention is the fold out digipack that complements the music perfectly - a great merging of visuals and sound. This release is definitely recommended."
Review from "Spectrum magazine"

"Nordland" was released May 2000 in an edition of 1000 embossed 6-panel digipaks. In 2001 there was a second edition of 1000 copies with little colour-changes on the digipak and the CD labelprint.

p.s. thanks to the "discogs", becouse i dont had the work to shot the photos of my digipak :)
I will not post the others albuns of Apopotose, becouse they are more easy to find on net.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Various - Cynfeirdd Magazine: Issue 17th - Friendship into Decadence [2003]

1- HIDE & SEEK "The Real Taste of Honey"
2- DECADENCE "Precisely"
3- WHILE ANGELS WATCH "Medusa (ice fre mix)"
4- WEIHAN "Balders Hellevart"
5- OTHILA "Yula (instrumental mix)"
7- RADIO EICHENLAUB "Deln Licht ist uns Voran"
8- 47 ASHES " Abracadabraxas"

Limited edition of 555 hand numbered copies
on card bord. Summer 2003.
p.s. I will post two more compilations of Cynfeirdd

Thursday, July 3, 2008


1- Anima
2- Conqueror
3- Fireblood
4- Thirteen Kings
5- Queen Ov Flames
6- Draco Rex
8- Cloud
9- Claw And Flame
10- Princess
11- Lady Ov Water
12- Lure
13- Throne
Draco Rex is the 10th anniversary of Conscientia Peccati. The project started in 1994 with the release of the "Theogonia" Tape at Art Konkret. The topic of this release is the dragon, the best-known mystical beasts and also offers vast variations in form and interpretation. While in Christian culture it is seen as a destructive servant of Satan, in China it can be a lucky charm bringing fertility and prosperity.The tracks of this work try to represent these different aspects. Some show the playful nature of the dragons, which are often said to be lovers of beautiful music. Others address the destructive nature of the dragons or the battles against them. There are songs about dragon worship, stories about the deeds of dragons and about their role in society. Poes "Conqueror Worm" also appears in one track, still bloodthirsty.
To reflect all these aspects, the album consists of musical styles ranging from Marches via Dark Ambient to simple instrumental melodies. "Conqueror Worm", due to its folkloristic topic, may be the Conscientia Peccati release with the strongest middle-age influences to date.
(words taken from Palace of Warms)

Limited edition to 333 handnumbered copies, mine is the 154 :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ - Montauk project [2005]

1- Let's Talk Montauk
2- Phoenix II
3- Camp Hero
4- S.A.G.E.
5- The Human Factor
6- Neural Tunnelling
7- Montauk Chair
8- Facing Reality
9- Phoenix III
10- 6037
11- Delta-T-Antenna
12- Tran(c)eformation Of America
13- Now Is The Time...
14- ...To Think About!

This is the Third release of G.S. and of course is another one EXCELLENT work. Montauk Project (also named the Phoenix Project, depending on the time period) was in the 70's and early 80's a covert governmental ultra-top-secret electromagnetic mind control and time experiment project that took place at an abandoned Air Force radar base at the southeast tip of Long Island (New York) ...a base that should still be in use nowadays for ultra-secret research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control...(just to name a few of these mad projects that are the work of secret societies).

The overall musical assemblage is mostly based upon dense layers of sound, pulsed and repetitive frequencies, drawn out ambient textures, multiple noises, deformed voices/cries... with some atmospheric passages...but expect to physically and mentally feel the special atmosphere of this record, especially on 'Montauk Chair' which is a real listening experience that will leave no listener insensible...
(some words taken from the defunct Heimdllar Webzine)

The regular cd edition comes in a dvd case featuring a 19x14 cm foldout digipak with a holographic picture on the frontcover. The special limited handmade edition (only 83 numbered copies), it comes in a stunning 22x22 cm S.A.G.E. radar station made of wood and metal.Included too an 11x9 cm holographic card.

p.s. - You can find all the discography of G.S. on the blog :)

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