Thursday, June 26, 2008

WestWind - The Bunker [2002]

1- Intro
2- All Shared Once
3- Traitor My Love
4- Kill Again
5- Transmission
6- In The Bunker
7- Steelnights (Raw Latot)
8- Entracte
9- Blood Sun And Steel
10- Wannsee
11- Kill
12- Time To Die
13- Outro
14- Han Som Reiste (original music by Varg Vikernes)
15- Steelnights (Matières & Mémoire Panzermix)
16- Der Angriff (Neon Rain Cold Cutmix)

Westwind is a musical project from the French post-industrial scene, created by Kris G (pseudonym of Christophe Gales). It mixes influences from Martial Industrial, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient and Neoclassical.

Westwind started in 1999 by releasing self-produced and hand-made CDR on its own label Black Sun Rising, which was dissolved in 2002 to leave the place to the new label Steelwork Maschine in 2003, that he creates with Serge Usson of the bands Neon Rain and Storm of Capricorn.
Recorded between 1999 and 2001, between Brest and Paris.
Strictly Limited to 499 copies.

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King [1995]

1 - Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Untitled
9- Untitled
10- Untitled ( Featuring - ORCHIS)
11- Untitled
12- Untitled
13- Untitled
14- Untitled
15- Untitled
16- Untitled
17- Untitled
18- Untitled
19- Untitled
20- Untitled

" The castle ruins continue cursed.Black words of victory are now listen. A new order emerge from the silence. The standards where risen to the wind on the proclamation of heretic rites. Meanwhile, the intense and painful fog proceed. Angels chants invade our body,that is tortured on the front of our eyes. Alzebeth voice invoke the eternal blood...the Graal search is incessant and obsessive, like the religion images. Cristh is again crucify by the Alzbeth chant, with the sounds of Julius and words of Crowley, that are reveal by the moon and the sounding fog. Tradicional melodies drag appear to is own slow agonizing decomposition.The holy nation is involve by a atmosphere were scottish sounds and movie pictures by Kenneth Branagh, mix up on a spiral to the final battle."

Words translated from the interview to TMLHBAC ,on the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998

Third Album of TMLHBAC, The first pressing is a limited edition folded cardboard sleeve with A.R.T. and World Serpent contact information. Later re-issues came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sator Absentia - Fluid Artefacts [2001]

1 - 2 Minutes Before
2 - Reality Interference
3- Cthonian Eyes
4- Testing Emptiness
5- Fluid Artefacts
6- Incandescence
7- Rectangular Oracle
8- Red Eidolon
9- Flat Beat of Mindscape
10- Breath Gate
11- Meta Sexuality

Sator Absentia is Cedric Codognet former member (EX)Asmorod, with the support of FredRik Bergström of
No Festival Of Light. The sound of this project moves on the Cinematic dark ambient, with Pulsating, ritual soundscapes combined with the deep atmospheric sounds of an electric violin / cello.

I discover this great project on the Compilation of the French Elegy Magazine #17, that had the track 9, one of my favourites of all album.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Various - Tempus Arborum [2002]

1- ARGINE: Rifrazioni
2- SONNE HAGAL: Wolfszeit
3- SONNE HAGAL: The Chimney Sweeper: a little black thing among the snow
4- FORSETI: Gleichung
5- FORSETI: Eismahal
6- GAE BOLG and THE CHURCH OF FAND: Magick and Ecstasy

This is a compilation of the " Ars Auditions Konzert-Sommernacht" on 20. July 2002 in Schloss Manfeld.
Its a nice compilation of Neo-Folk artists.

Limited and handnumbered digipack edition of 999 copies.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vinterriket - Zeit-Los:Laut-Los [2008]

1. Zeit-Los:Laut-Los

vbr ~186 kbps

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maeror Tri - Ambient Dreams (re-release) [2007]

1 Window To The Absolute (4:32)
2 New Language (4:49)
3 Voices On My Skin (7:29)
4 Piano Bursting Soul (3:10)
5 Flute Of The Sun (4:19)
6 Disintegrating Time (6:37)
7 Amputation (3:31)
8 Waves Without Gravitation (8:13)
9 Flickering World (6:49)
10 Bells Of Unknown Dreams (4:18)
11 Sanctified Frequencies (7:15)
All sound you hear on this CD originated from natural ambient sources. No electronic sound-sources were used. Ambient recordings made between August of 1989 and June of 1990 in West Germany. The original cassette release was issued in an edition of 50 copies with different photo-covers. This edition is limited & hand-numbered to 500 copies.


vbr ~225 kbps

Galerie Schallschutz - Teddybear [2004, mcd]

1- Berlin Tempelhof (7350 Air Base Group)
2- Electrical Nerve Gas
3- Stimulated Gamma Impulse
4- Psychotronic War
5- The Hum

"Teddybear" can be considered as a supplement to the album "HAARP". The album deals with a mysterious phenomenon closer to home. Apparently there is a secret military project at airport Berlin Tempelhof, with strange low frequency noises coming from some sort of antenna. Many people in the surroundings of the airtport are disturbed by an incessant humming which penetrates their houses. An independent investigation team beleives there's a connection between the humming and the military installations at Berlin Tempelhof. "Teddybear" is the codename for the U.S. military base at Berlin Tempelhof.The five tracks deal with various manifestations of frequencies and microwaves. The low frequency noises make up for interesting sound source material. The last track contains a minute of the original hum recorded at Berlin. The sound goes to collages of ambient/noise music and many samples. Sometimes dense and ritual, often dark and chilling.
(some words taken from "Funprox Webzine")

If you like the "Haarp", that i already post here. you will like this too :)

This item is a mini cd ,limited to 300 copies. It comes in a 10" gatefold-sleeve. A cardboard-sleeve for the CD is sticked inside the cover. Inserts are a 2-page 10.5x21 cm postcard and an one sided 21x15 cm info sheet. A special edition, limited to 49 copies, also exists. All the contents of the normal edition packaged in a special box with a personal gift.

Galerie Schallschutz and Eternal Soul originally planned to release this music on vinyl format. The 10" sleeves were already manufactured. But then a problem arose: no vinyl pressing plant could press the record, because of the 'frequency range and sound characteristics'.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nav' - The Wolf's Sun [2008]

1. Night of Long Knives 04:18
2. Wolf's Sun 03:56
3. The Spell of Fate 06:29
4. Old Wainds 04:49
5. Opening the Gates of Flood 04:47
6. Foretelling Dream 04:08
7. Holy Cruelty 03:59
8. The Last Line-blood 03:52

192 kbps

Mental Destruction - Straw [1996]

1- The Streams Of Time
2- Unbleeding
3- This Darker Entity
4- Into Nothingness
5- Thorn
6- Winged I Fall
7- These Brutal Times Adored
8- Rise
9- Your Dying Soul
10- September Warning

This is the last work of Mental Destruction, But be careful this one is on edge of pure brutal (DE)contructivism noise industrial, with touchs of abstract experimental ambient. Not for every one ears.
Digipak Limited edition of 3000 copies.

Mental Destruction is currently working on new studio material

CHRIST is risen. The End is Nigh.
p.s. - You can find all the discography of M.D. on the blog :)


Monday, June 16, 2008

Majdanek Waltz - Cranes (single) [2008]

1. Intro
2. Журавли
3. Outro

Dedicated to the soldiers who fought for the freedom of Europe in 1939-1945.
Limited to 150 copies. Box edition limited to 45 copies.


320 kbps

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rapoon - The Library Of The Dead [2008]

1 Sunday dawn
2 Plains
3 Rising
4 The dark spaces
5 Fortunes mistrust
6 Verianus
7 Set me free
8 Rive
9 Scream
10 Vibrations
11 Damask and lipstick
12 The long hallway
13 Sidelong
14 Sing song swan
15 Kandinka
16 The shades herald
17 Diamonds and flock
A very delicate and enlightened work which is a kind of sonic travel to the clean and vast Russian north spaces to find some ancient and ancestral recollections, by using typical Rapoon sound tools and the unique voice of Russian guest singer Toloka.


vbr ~190 kbps

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sieben - Desire Rites [2007]

01 River Sheaf
02 Learn Some Sense Howden
03 My Prize My Punishment
04 Rite Of Amends
05 Rite Against The Right
06 Missolonghi Sky
07 Come To My Bed
08 All-encompassing Rite
09 Rite For The Unfulfilled
10 A Modern Hymn For The Religious
11 Turn The Power
12 Communication Rite
13 Desire Rite
While Sieben's earlier works focussed dreamy, remote harmonies and fantasies, we are now confronted with stronger beats, a pulse of emotions which are even more hypnotic and driving than before. Experience these rites of desire!


320 kbps

Friday, June 13, 2008

Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum [2006]

1 For All Things Now Dead And Gone (6:19)
2 A Horrible Excess Of Stench... (5:52)
3 ...Thrown Up By The Profound Abyss (4:48)
4 What Comes Forth From Obscurity (7:56)
5 Among The Blackest Souls Below (7:04)
6 Governed By The Sphere Of Mars (5:52)
7 From The Gulf And Into Existence (6:53)
8 Ancient Voices Haunt The Deep (6:18)
9 On The Brink Of The Steep (6:24)
While mumbling the sacred incantations, Camanecroszcope played slow minimal rhythms on the bones and skulls of those who tried before. The sounds reflected on the moist walls, creating the perfect ambience for the ritual. Black Ambient.


320 kbps

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Martyn Bates & Troum - To A Child Dancing In The Wind [2006]

1 Mad As The Mist And Snow #2 (12:59)
2 The Arrow (3:49)
3 The Magi (4:55)
4 I Made My Song (2:44)
5 To A Child Dancing In The Wind (4:18)
6 Mad Reprise (9:38)
For this release, the German ‘transcendental-drone’-duo TROUM teams up with the legendary British singer / songwriter and EYELESS IN GAZA-member MARTYN BATES. More than 2 years in the making, MARTYN BATES has sung & played (mouth organ & melodica) over basic material TROUM provided – consisting of harmonic minimal loops & basic song structures derived from accordeon, e-bass & guitar, percussion), who were then also responsible for the final subsequent additions mastering (adding more guitar-work, voices & balalaika).

MARTYN BATES has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.YEATS, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for TROUM'S very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece “MAD AS THE MIST AND SNOW #2”. MARTYN’s voice is surely not something for everyone – it’s of an extreme emotional & yearnful quality that might be not easy to stand – a yearning which is like a deep “cry out to the horizon”, to something that is unreachable per se, feeling a passion that tears you apart inside. This is pure emotional poetry transformed into yearnful audible spherics !


320 kbps

Ain Soph - Aurora (re-issue) [2003]

1 Tutti A Casa! (4:32)
2 Ramayana (3:11)
3 Pistolet Automatique (2:44)
4 Uomini Perduti (2:44)
5 Rubàyyat (4:28)
6 White Guard (2:15)
7 Liberté Ou Mort (1:57)
8 Légionnaire En Algiers (3:44)
9 Vent (1:35)
10 Le Départ (5:16)
11 Tempi Duri (2:40)
12 Gli Amanti Tristi (3:38)
13 Io E Te (5:20)
14 Cuore Nero (3:54)
Comes in a digipak including a 16-page booklet.


320 kbps

*Requested by Rene*

Galerie Schallschutz - HAARP [2002]

1- Greetings From Gakona
2- Extremely Low Frequency
3- Skybuster
4- Electronic Rain
5- Slicing The Ionosphere
6- Ionospheric Research Instrument
7- Pulsed Radio Waves Radiation
8- Angels Don't Play This HA(A)RP
9- How It Sounds...

This is the first release from this German project. A concept album based around H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), on purpose to denounce the deliberate misinformation campaign surounding this US governement project.Officially it is presented as an academical project to change the ionosphere to improve global communications. But it appears that a secret weapon is being developped in this secret military base in Alaska. This system uses sound frequencies to manipulate weather pattern, disrupt communication systems, disrupt human mental proccesses and to negatively affect health.Accordingly, GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ use deep pulsed frequencies, manipulated interferences, electromagnetic sounds that are layered and repeated to create a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Each drawn-out ambient track is the aural illustration of the different capacities of this secret star wars weapon that are described in detail in the notes acompanying this release. The last track is a short excerpt of a HAARP-Signal recorded in San Jose, California; situated 5,000 miles away from the transmitter in Gakona, Alaska.A well researched and informative released that will interest those who have an interest for conspiracy theories and those who still want to think and who still can think...
(some words taken from the defunct Heimdllar Webzine)

The sound is on Experimental Dark Ambient Noise territory, this is a great work :)

Limited edition of 100 copies in a special handnumbered triangular metal box. Included is a 2-sided triangular info sheet. A regular edition of this release comes in a clear embossed DVD jewel box.

p.s. If you like this say something and comment, and i will post other works of this project.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lugburz - Behind The Gates Of Black Abyss [2003]

1 Prelude: Black Sun
2 Nazgul
3 Kazad-Dûm (Into The Dark Deph)
4 War Of The Ring
5 Destiny
6 The Ocean Call
7 The Silver Trumpet Sound Of Gondor
8 Ered Gorgoroth
9 Eternal Glory For The Dying Heroes
10 Uruk-Hai
11 Lothlorien The Realm Of The Light

320 kbps

Werkraum - Early Love Music (CD + Mini) [2008]

01 Beware The Jabberwock!
02 La Marmotte
03 Ein Lied Von Lieb Und Treu
04 Santy Ano
05 Slfest Du, Vriedel Ziere
06 Song For Erik
07 The Dream
08 Allgemach
09 Der Schmied
10 Beyond The Evening Star
11 The Smilling Of The Rose
12 Une Jeune Fillette
13 Die Rechte Braut
14 Sanctity And Stell

01 Tous Les Jardins Du Monde
02 Casey
03 Sommermale
04 Une Jeune Fillette (Reprise)
CD in 6 side gatefold highgloss digipack + 3" CD in special wooden tray, including 4 bonus tracks, both comes together in a printed wooden box, limited to 300 copies.


vbr ~200 kbps

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mental Destruction - The intensity of darkness [1991]

1- Without Form (Instr.)
2- Metamorphoses
3- Deathdrum
4- Flesh/Blood
5- Be Crushed
6- Silence
7- Children Of Wrath
8- The Intensity Of Darkness (Instr.)
9- ...And The Fire
10- Autumn Chill (Chapter I-III)
11- Infected Dreams
12- Emptiness Amassed
13- Black Orange/A World In Decay

This is the second work of this weird “Orthodox Industrial” project, after the demo (cass.) When Madness Strikes, that i already post on blog.
"The Intensity of Darkness" is a Limited edition to 2000 copies. First CD output for Cold Meat Industry.
“ Be prepared, the End is nigh”


Aeoga - Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus [2005]

01 Impenetrable-Chimera (6:01)
02 Permuting-Remote-Shrieks (2:42)
03 Ash-Breath (4:16)
04 Reptilevitation (9:56)
05 Interplanary (8:42)
06 Burialgae-Resonance (5:51)
07 Birthcry (2:57)
08 Owleye-Mandalchemy (2:52)
09 Impulses (3:56)
10 Winged-Beings (2:01)
11 Prism-Mountain (5:10)
12 Implosion (2:30)
13 Voidclysm (2:33)
14 Salamander-Maqet (3:11)
15 Lustrous-Kosmolesion (4:25)
Limited to 1000 copies.


320 kbps

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sturmpercht - Geister Im Waldgebirg [2006]

1 Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe (4:33)
2 Der Knabe Im Moor (3:08)
3 Riesenbrüder (2:07)
Featuring - Waldteufel
4 Kaiser Karl (4:28)
5 Des Feuers Lichte Strahlen (5:20)
Featuring - Sangre Cavallum
6 Waldeslust (4:22)
7 Allerseelenreigen (3:10)
8 Sterbelied (2:37)
9 I Bin Da Woid (4:50)
Featuring - Allerseelen
10 Durch Berg Und Tal (3:54)
11 Im Jahreswandel (4:10)
12 Vom Toten Schnee (5:53)
13 Waldheimat (6:21)
14 Bergsturz (4:46)
Featuring - Waldteufel
15 Der Weiße Wurm (3:49)
16 Was Rauschet Und Was Brauset (2:41)
17 Lebewohl (4:04)
Released in gatefold digipak.


vbr ~225 kbps

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - Amara Tanta Tyri… [1994]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Untitled
9- Untitled
10- Untitled
11 - Untitled
12- Untitled
13- Untitled
14- Untitled
15- Untitled
16- Untitled
17- Untitled
18- Untitled
19- Untitled
20- Untitled
21- Untitled
22- Untitled
23- Untitled

“ Skeletons dance trough the marching sound of the pagan warriors. Two faces, Albin and Alzbeth. An austrian scream by the night. Few words…the mystery persist. Names don’t exist and aren’t foreboding. Denominations don’t exist too, only to not capture the imagination and limit the evasion.The laceration emotions only stay. Despite the unknown sound, something is familiar, like it always exist in us studded on our chest.”
Words translated from the interview to TMLHBAC ,on the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998

Second Album of TMLHBAC, the one with more Medieval influences. This is the re-issue which came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wappenbund - Schlacht - The Final Chapter / Blood & Fire [2007]

Schlacht - The Final Chapter

01. Wappenmarsch
02. Siege
03. Schlachtgesänge
04. Andacht II
05. Kraft durch Willen
06. Wir Ziehen in die Schlacht

Blood & Fire

07. Ruins
08. Blood & Fire
09. Neues Leben
10. Victim
11. End of Storm
CDR in gold-colored tin box, combining the first tape and mini CD together for this remastered re-release, and containing a 3-page booklet with a wax seal.

'Blood & Fire' recorded in 1999.
'Schlacht :: The Final Chapter' recorded in 1999 & 2003.


320 kbps

Oda Relicta - Czarstvo Dukha [2008]

1 Czarstvo Dukha (2:31)
2 Alleluya (4:21)
3 Barvinok (4:17)
4 Sanctus (5:57)
5 Ochi, Yak More (4:15)
6 Barvinok Kvitne (4:28)
7 Benedictus (1:59)
8 O Ne Stelysya, Khreshchatyy Barvinku (5:49)
9 Braterstvo + Materynstvo (2:53)
10 Svyataya Svyatykh (3:32)
11 Lacrima + Rosa (6:04
Less then a year after the well-received debut album 'The Crown & The Plough' (NRP16), Olegh Kolyada presents his sophomore album. 'Czarstvo Dukha' shows us the other side of Oda Relicta. Heavily inspired by archival sacral recordings, this album stands far from the bombastic music presented on the debut. Eleven tranquil neofolk compositions will take you on a spiritual journey. The entire album is enriched with sopranos, classical instruments and that special Ukrainian local flair.
Oda Relicta was assisted on this recording by Albireon, Lonsai Maikov and Dissonant Elephant, surely not unknown to the neofolk connaisseurs.

Digipack cd edition limited to 500 copies.


vbr ~173 kbps

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Odal - Zornes Heimat [2008]

1. Brennender Himmel 08:00
2. Tosende Flut 08:12
3. Feuers Kraft 07:55
4. Tausend Wüsten 06:35
5. In Wolken zerwühlt 06:38
6. Grau mit finstrer Gestalt 06:49
7. In kalten Zornes Heimat 06:55


vbr ~216 kbps

Runes Order - Waiting Forever (Memories Remain) [1998]

1. Forever
2. Solitude
3. Through The Years
4. Angel
5. The Razorblade -- Winter
6. Blackage
7. Memories
8. Waiting Forever
9. The Last Delight
10. ...Of Shame
11. Sickness Of Beauty
12. Passover
13. The Intruder V.3
14. Endless

abr ~226 kbps

Impavida - Into Empty Spheres (EP) [2008]

1. Intro 03:24
2. Skies Darker Than Thine 07:56
3. Into Empty Spheres 11:10


256 kbps

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud [1992]

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
8- Untitled
9- Untitled
10- Untitled
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud were Alzbeth and Albin Julius ( Der Blutharsch). The project name describe a phenomenon that occur in every place on earth, its a real situation that we can present. This situation provoke different reactions and experiences on people. Some feel exalted others stronger, free, depressed or puzzled with the scenery. But all feel noble with the phenomenon. The TMLHBAC music must be feel by the listener in personal way, This is the reason why they never put names on tracks and label their music, the space is open to fantasy…

“ On the begin Arthur was transported to Avalon. Bloody bells and drums mourn over is leaving. Meanwhile in the Round Table swords were raise on silence. In the woods an orgiastic dance was performed around the incandescent fire. Gloomy dances with fairys that mixed with the bewitch virgins by the immortal dragons. Lancelot notice from the mist…”
Words translated from the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998
First Album of TMLHBAC, The first pressing is a limited edition folded cardboard sleeve with A.R.T. and World Serpent contact information. Later re-issues came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information..

Friday, June 6, 2008

Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - React [2008]

1 Depth Charge (3:54)
2 Ice Fields (7:10)
3 Sojourn (3:32)
4 AxD (7:53)
5 Veiled (4:52)
6 Slow Hand (7:52)
7 Messages (2:16)
8 Lithosphere (6:05)
9 Blue Moon (6:23)
10 React (7:04)
11 Edge Of Nowhere (6:33)
Recorded live at the Iron Gate Theater in Philadelphia at the Star's End 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert on 16 June 2007. Limited to 2000 copies.


320 kbps

Mental Destruction - When Madness Strikes [1992]

1- Without Form (Edited Version)
2- Wolfram 18
3- When Time Is Over (No Time Will Be)
4- Krossa
5- Midnatt
6- The Walls Of Madness (Part I-VII)
7- llusion
8- The Lord Reigns
9- Above The Falling
10- Beyond Consciousness
11- Man Of Prey
12- Wound

Mental Destruction is a fantastic Scandinavia project from Durling brothers, originally aided by third member Jonas Blåberg. They start as an isolated creative unit in early 1989, in as attempt to create music from a different perspective.They wanted to focus on the pure essence of rhythm and sound itself, trying to liberate the music from the melody.In they own words they play “Orthodox Industrial”, as the inspiration of the lyrics is their devotion to Christ. This is a reissue of their now famous 1989 cassette release, with some additional tracks. A limited edition exists having a special printed translucent sheet over the booklet and housed in a black slipcase with the MD cog/cross logo embossed on it.
“ Be prepared, the End is nigh”


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hexperos - The Garden Of The Hesperides [2007]

1 Walking Roots (1:26)
2 Hesperos (5:12)
3 The Garden Of The Hesperides (2:53)
4 The Magnificence Of The Night (3:03)
5 Rime Glitters In The Sun (2:51)
6 The Warm Whisper Of The Wind (4:28)
7 Artemisia (2:58)
8 The Call Of The Ibis (3:34)
9 Ritual (3:46)
10 Loto Nero (3:59)
11 Nana (1:36)
12 Winter Rhymes (2:15)
13 Ave Maria (2:51)
14 Walking Roots II (1:50)

320 kbps

Upsland - War [1994]

1- Awake
2- Iron Will
3- Mission
4- Dream
5- Solitude
6- Love
7- The Cross
8- Fall Out
9- Purple Wave

Upsland was a great French Project of the defunct Chtuluhu Records,Their sound was a Fusion with Dark-Folk, Martial Industrial and DarkWave... Gold-embossed black digipak with booklet.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ô Paradis - La Boca Del Infierno [2005]

1 Tan Lejos
2 Veneno
3 Tokyo
4 De Espaldas
5 Voces
6 Nuevo Mundo
7 La Sangre
8 En Circulo
9 El Sueño
10 Tan Cerca


vbr ~162 kbps

Nový Svět - Faccia A Faccia [1999]

1 La Razón (6:16)
2 ¡ Hasta Morir ! (4:08)
3 Dios Falsos (3:03)
4 Puro Rumore / Puro Amore (3:36)
5 Brigada Budoucnost (4:36)
6 Niños De La Bola (Pour Audrey) (3:46)
7 Operazione Runa (3:53)
8 Historia é Un Cazotto (4:22)
9 Priem: Ostranenie (3:42)
10 Siento Lo (2:58)
11 Salá, 19.00 MEZ (19:38)
Packaged in a standard jewel case with eight-page booklet. Made in England and distributed by World Serpent Distribution.

Liner notes roughly translate (from Spanish) as:
All songs written and performed by Novy Svet: J. Weber, Lili Novy, L.L.H.
Novy Svet is thankful to the Oradores Nonan and Ma. Vienna, 1998/1999
Through what is laughable, say what is somber.
"Solitude - only beauty
Solitude - grows in my head
Solitude - has little melody
Solitude - ...and much noise"
In memory of Cadmus and what was left after its departure on the 8th of June 1999: Nothing


320 kbps

...The Soil Bleeds Black - March Of The Infidels [1997]

1- Sound The Trumpet
2- In Days Of Victory
3- The Journey Is Not Yet Over
4- Autumn Call
5- Woodnymphs in the Hazel Patch
6- Ceilidh
7- The Bog
8 - We Wave Our Flags In Triumph
9 - Meade For All (In The Pub)
10- Preparations For The Royal Feast
11- Avalon (Shores And Seas)
12- Our Flames Have Never Died
13- The Bard's Tale
14- The Kingdom Thereafter
15- Leave Now Soldier
16- Armed To The Teeth

On their second opus TSBB continue where they left off on " The Kingdom & its Fey (already post on the blog). Synthetic medieval sounds and various samples bring the listener back in time to the bloody battles of the Crusades, the lusty pubs full of drunks, and to the mystical realm of Arthur and his court. This album features a special guest appearance by Cernunnos’ Woods, on track "The Bard's Tale".
Edition in Digipak CD

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Peter Bjärgö & Gustaf Hildebrand - Out Of The Darkling Light, Into The Bright Shadow [2005]

1 Desire To Be Initiated (4:12)
2 Skriptum (4:53)
3 The Secrets Watchers (3:03)
4 Silence And Circumspection (4:58)
5 Black Codex (3:36)
6 Voice Of The Silence (6:22)
7 Out Of The Darkling Light... (4:51)
8 Into The Bright Shadow (5:18)
9 The Secret Doctrine (11:48)
10 Untitled (3:08)
Four-panel digipak.
Track 10 is a hidden track & starts after some blanks on track 9.


320 kbps

Kirlian Camera - Eclipse • Das Schwarze Denkmal 1988 [1997]

1 Intro: Lux (2:57)
2 Eclipse (6:49)
3 River Of No Return (4:13)
4 The Christ (7:40)
5 Celephais (3:59)
6 Austria (5:54)
7 Tor Zwei (10:07)
8 Aura (5:07)
9 Epitaph (4:40)
X Terminal (6:08)


256 kbps

Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Absinthe - La Folie Verte [2002]

1 Folie Verte (I Am The Green Fairy) (3:40)
2 Symphonie Verte (And Here I Am, An Absintheur...) (4:59)
3 Minutes D'Absinthe (Let Me Be Mad, Mad With Absinthe) (1:59)
4 Absintha Taetra (Opaline) (6:58)
5 Poison Vert (D'Après Frédéric Barbier) (6:57)
6 Avec Les Fleurs... Avec L'Absinthe (With Flowers And With Women) (1:58)
7 Absinthine (D'Après Emile Duhem) (0:55)
8 Variations Sur Le Thème De Corelli (By Venus And Cupid) (4:05)
9 Variations Sur Le Thème De Corelli (That Night, I Drank Deeply) (13:20)
10 Princesse Verte (D'Après Emile Spencer) (5:37)
11 Fée Verte, Vous Êtes Jolie (Chanté Par Affre) (2:10)
Limited to 800 copies. Comes with 12-page booklet.


224 kbps

L.A.A. (Pre- The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud) - Mass for the Dead [2002] DCD

1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled
6- Untitled
7- Untitled
1- Untitled
2- Untitled
3- Untitled
4- Untitled
5- Untitled

L.A.A. is the Pre - The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud project,” Mass for the Dead" is a 2 x CD, Unofficial Release recorded on 1990-91. The first CD is studio material, thus rather clear sounding, whereas the second CD contains tape recordings done during sessions; the sound quality is very poor and the tracks are more or less identical to those on the first CD. Limited edition of 500 copies.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Puissance - Mother Of Disease (remastered re-issue) [2008]

01 Light Of A Dead Sun 05:05
02 Reign Of Dying Angels 05:02
03 Mother Of Disease 05:51
04 In Shining Armour 04:34
05 Post Ruin Symphony 06:50
06 Core Of Revelation 05:06
07 Human Error 05:03
08 The Voice Of Chaos 06:56
09 The Dancing Clowns (Bonus Track) 04:03
"Mother of Disease" is the third full length album produced by Puissance, and also their third re-issue on Equilibrium Music, following the early "Let Us Lead" and "Back In Control" releases, and last year's new album, "Grace of God". Much like it's predecessors on this fine collection, it has been re-mastered and enhanced with one bonus track, presented in a matte-blue deluxe digipak edition.


vbr ~214 kbps

Foresta Di Ferro - Bury Me Standing [2003]

1 Bury Me Standing (7:32)
2 Harmony Of Pen And Sword (6:14)
3 Oak Leaf (4:08)
4 La Ultime Gnot (6:10)
5 Kshatrya (4:36)
6 Militia Christi (6:59)
7 On The Marble Cliffs (5:51)
8 Seppelliscimi In Piedi (3:22)

320 kbps

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zoät-Aon - The Triplex Bestial [2006]

1 Gate Of All Directions (7:17)
2 Bestial Waves (2:56)
3 Green Spring Ferocity (6:08)
4 MaUrMa (10:42)
5 Skinning The Skies (4:56)
6 The Immediate Body Drama (6:35)
7 The Phantom Root (8:11)
8 Siren Flakes (6:38)
9 The Copulation Of Mirrors (7:38)

Comes in a 7" cardboard cover with flaps. Limited to 1000 copies.

"Dedicated to the skeletone hummers."


320 kbps

La Maison Modern - Day After Day [2000, mcd]

1- Spiel Süßer
2- Welcome To Paradise
3- Day After Day
4- Sea Of Love And Hate

La Maison Moderne is a side-project of Der Blutharsch and
mixes a sense of humor with the spirit of wine drinking.
This mcd is a strange mix with
Martial, Industrial,Techno and Experimental.

...The Soil Bleeds Black - The Kingdom Its Fey [1996]

1- Odde Feormie
2- Bite Irena, Wide Feran
3- The Village Courtyard
4- Annwyfn
5- At That Fiery Pond
6- Burh Stede Beated
7- Behold Thou My Crest
8 - To Thy Queen
9 - Atop Mount Snowdon
10- Fig & Jig in the Miller's Tavern
11- The Charm of Making
12- Ecce, Victoria
13- Redivivus 'Ole Norwich, the Triumph of Horamane
14- Dragone Arte
15- Dance O' Lord & Lady
16- He Shall Be King
17- A Hymn to Dechtire
18- Because the World Is So Untrue, I Go My Way So Full of Ru
19- Adieu, and off to Battle
20- The Stolen Princess Sleep
21- Summoning the Dragons of Wyth
22- The Greenest Hilltop
23- Distillation of Lady Luna in the Vessel
24- Homonuculus
25 - They Take Their Own Path Home

Edition in Digipak CD / Gatefold 2 x 12" Vinyl LP.
(The LP edition of this album features five bonus tracks :
Under the Willow ;The Goblin Grove ;I Am an Ancient Emerald Forest ;Bloeddwydd ;BattleRam!.And is presented in a lavish gatefold sleeve with additional separate sleeves
that meet together to form a pictorial diorama)
The Kings of Neo-Medieval :)

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Various - Cynfeirdd Magazine: Issue 16th - Poupens [2002]

1- The Mystery School - Stolen (redroom mix)
2- Artefactum - Underwater Domain
3- Albiron - Amniosphere
4- Daemonia Nymphe - Calling Pan
5- Variete - Pere Lachaise
6- Othila - Brume
7- xArkanex - Arcanum (demo version)

Limited edition of 555 hand numbered copies
on card bord, summer 2002.

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