Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rukkanor - Despartica - Face Two [2008]

1 Death (4:31)
2 Leisure (3:58)
3 A Long, Long Sleep, A Famous Sleep (3:36)
4 Sea Fever (3:58)
5 High Flight (4:29)
6 The One Grief (4:12)
7 Mad Song (5:15)
8 Stars (3:49)
9 The Dead (4:54)
10 When You Are Old (2:21)
11 Past Present Future (3:30)

The mixture of styles and musical ages. Echoes of 70's electronic, new romantic of 80's (OMD, Numan, Heaven 17, Visage). A bit of industrial, a pinch of EBM, a touch of synth-pop. Second part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry. This time in more gothic and electromantic "musical sauce". Achtung! No martial nor neo-folk songs. A very last album of Rukkanor.



Lacus Somniorum - Tideshaper [2008]

1. Tideshaper
2. An Intangible World
3. Hinterland
4. Beyond All Things Is The Ocean
5. Point Of No Ascent
6. Phasis
7. Sentient Abyss
8. 11°22'N 142°36'E

Splendid collaborative work between Gustaf Hildebrand and Amanda Votta, Lacus Somniorum emerged as a mutual desire to convey a suggestive concept of what lies hidden and unseen by the eyes of modern civilization--beneath the waves in murky chasms, or perhaps in places not anchored within our concept of reality. Airy flutes and choirs hover above sometimes distant, rumbling sound textures, hinting of corroded machinery and unseen presences but also emphasizing a sense of serenity and peace of mind. The underlying concept is not fear of the unknown, but rather of a hidden beauty within those places where none of us will ever venture.

Edition of 1000 copies in fold-out cardboard sleeve.

320 kbps

Hekate - Sonnentanz (2000)

1- Der Nibelunge Nôt *
2- To Break A Heart
3- L' Ivresse
4- In Deinem Leben
5- Findhorn
6- Fatherland
7- Dos Kelbl
8- Du Mein Einzig
9- Danse De L' Obscurité
10- Die Sonne Im Geiste
11- Die Gedanken Sind Frei
12- Sonnentanz

* Track 1 was divided into two tracks

This is the first full-lenght album from Hekate, “Sonnentanz”, proves its evolution. The music is sort of a mixture of neo-folk and medieval styles, completed with powerful drumming and use of electronics. Hekate consists of many members and a rich instrumentarium and with several vocalists (male and female), so that the songs are pretty varied. Sometimes it sounds bombastic, with martial drums and trumpets, sometimes fragile and beautiful with female voices and acoustic guitars and strings. Most lyrics are in German, but there are also texts in French, Yiddish and old German. My favourite track is "Du mein einzig", and was my first approach to the sound of Hekate, that was in V.A. Miroque Vol. VI, that i buy some years ago.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arkane - Enraptured Serene Mesmerism [2008]

1 Enraptured Serene Mesmerism (4:08)
2 Seductress Mesmerised (5:25)
3 Nereida Temptressa (5:22)
4 Sirenia Allure (6:31)
5 Seduced In Reverie (5:17)
6 Sirena Enchanted (5:06)
7 Entrancing Of The Nereid (4:03)
8 Mesmeric Seduction (3:16)

Dark ambient/neo-classical from ex-Daemonia Nymphe member ArkanumX.
Previously known and "xArkanex".


320 kbps

Necrophorus - Sadness & Somnolence (demo tape) [1991]

A1 The Dormant Being (6:48)
A2 A Second Heavy Grief, After Toil (6:15)
A3 A Soporific Tale (2:05)
B1 From Sadness To Somnolence (5:49)
B2 With Sorrow In The Heart (5:55)
B3 In Mourning (She Will Now Sleep Forever) (3:12)

"In Memory Of The Grecian God Hypnos"

Limited to less than 10 copies.


192 kbps

Monday, October 27, 2008

Karnnos - Undercurrents And Lost Horizons [2006]

1 Burial Passage Mound (7:09)
2 The Womb Of The Forests (5:14)
3 Where The Gone Return As Wind (3:34)
4 Untitled To Walk At Dawn (3:22)
5 Outermost Oak (2:26)
6 Stone Of Destiny (6:12)
7 Bound Of Fire (2:41)
8 The Well Of Night (2:50)
9 Dark Waters Of The Sidhe (3:10)
10 The Seer Vision (3:17)
11 Undercurrents And Lost Horizons (12:25)

After their brilliant albums ‘Dun Scaith’ and ‘Deatharch Crann’, both released on Cynfeirdd, ‘Undercurrents and lost Horizon’s offers 11 new tracks of darkest soundscapes and folk melodies. An ideal celebration of the longest night of the year, an hallucinated journey through the meanders of sacred and mysterious abysses - a musical revelation of the death-birth-life cycle. Limited and numbered edition of 434 copies in digifile with booklet.


320 kbps

Kauan - Lumikuuro (2007)

This is the debut album from an eclectic Russian band named Kauan. This album incorporates lots of different influences, namely doom metal, black metal, ambient, folk, classical, and you'll even hear the odd sax. Despite the large amount of influences, this album does not feel in the least bit crowded or overly complex, they pulled it off very well, it's quite lo-fi and slow paced, in that sense the dominant characteristic of this album is largely of doom metal. The atmospheres created by the ambient keys, guitars and mix of clean and growled vocals come together very beautifully.

Released on BadMoodMan Music, sub-label of Solitude Productions.


Anton Belov - guitars, vocals, flute, keyboards
Artur Andriasyan - keyboards, vocals
Lubov Mushnikova - violin


1 Alku
2 Aamu Ja Kaste
3 Lumikuuro
4 Savu
5 Koivun Elama
6 Syleilyn Sumu
7 Villiruusu
8 Syleilyn Sumu (Acoustic)

Bitrate - V2

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Dernière Volonté - La Nuit Revient (10" EP) [2008]

A La Nuit Revient (Walter P.38 Mix) (7:28)
B Tout A Disparu (Desert Mix) (6:09)


192 kbps

Hybryds - Dreambient (CD) [2008]

CD-1. Opheilia/Ulunda
CD-2. Woman
CD-3. Snow
CD-4. Satyr
CD-5. Invasion
CD-6. Babel
CD-7. Yuki
CD-8. Night

The first studio album of Hybryds since “Electric Voodoo” (2002).
"Dreambient" is based on exploration of the female characters from the Pagan past: archetypes of the seducer, the demon, the girl, the whore, the slave, the mistress, the priest, the mother...
The music of the project has become more accessible for unexpirienced listeners: traditional ambient-ritual basement is enriched with rhythmic electronics, melodic synthesizer tunes and even guitar parts.
Vocals are now done by Madeline Arndt from the German darkwave/gothic band Schattenkinder.
One hour DVD contains “The Photoshop art of Sandy Viktor Nys”, the erotic esoteric videos from Hybryds mastermind – “Religion and erotica melds together on the stage of Eros and Thanatos”.



Orplid - Greifenherz [2008]

1 Falken-Eid I
2 Luzifer
3 Schwertgesang
4 ...
5 Totenesche
6 Myrmidonenklage
7 Des Sperbers Geheimnis
8 ...
9 Schlaf im Mohn
10 Traum von Blashyrkh
11 ...
12 Der Anarchist
13 Gesang an den Horusfalken
14 Falken-Eid II

Two and a half years after “Sterbender Satyr”, Orplid are back with their fourth studio album “Greifenherz”.
In contrast to their previous outing, this album is filled with pathos, a belligerent and archaic piece of work.
“Greifenherz” is informed with a surprisingly hostile and cold atmosphere - a partially menacing and martial sound Orplid haven’t applied since some of the more violent outbursts of their early works.
Reflections of dreams about war, death, and decay.

vbr ~176 kbps

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedard - Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt [2008]

1. Black Hole Sagittarius Alpha 06:51
2. Sternenfrost 10:33
3. Die roten Nebelberge von Ophräzon 09:27
4. Im Lichtrausche der Eisblume 08:38
5. Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt 09:42
6. Venus in Winter Dusk feat. "Dump" 06:49
7. My Tribute to you out there (bonus track) 05:08


320 kbps

HEKATE - Hambach 1848 (1998,Vinyl LP)

1- Bleifeld
2- Heckers Traum
3- Die Gedanken sind frei
4- Trotz alledem
5- Das Bürgerlied
6- Unser die Welt, trotz alledem
7- Gedankenfreiheit

" Hekate was formed in 1993, for the time being as an atonal-project. Hekates first ever performance was in the spring of the same year during an art exhibition at an advanced technical college in Koblenz. Soon there after, a fusion of several stylistic elements into a symbiosis emerged from the strong naturalistic-folkloric relation of each band-member. The music is mainlybased on the use of classical percussions like kettle drums, timpanis, snare- and bass drums and chinese gongs combined with acoustic guitars and middle-aged instruments as e.g. hurdy gurdy. The musical background is completed by use of modern synthesizers. The lyrics are presented by alternating male and female singing in German, English and French- and other tongues such as Latin, Jidish or Middle-Age-German. "

Cover printed on heavy wood. White vinyl. Comes with text booklet and sticker.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Symbiosis - Passages (demo) [2006]

1. Prelude 2:32
2. Silent Snow In A December Night 15:46
3. Journey To Where Light Dwells 10:03
4. Still Alone In The Path Of Life 6:39
5. Fading Horizons 4:50
6. Mist and Solitude 6:39
7. The Coldness Inside 4:22

CDr limited to 50 copies.

320 kbps

Friday, October 24, 2008

Various - Cynfeirdd Magazine: Issue 18th - Le Neuvième Printemps [2004]

1- Omne Datum Optimum :Antioche Et Autres Antépénultièmes Anti
2- The Blizzard Sow :We Are Eclipses
3- Iconae :De Ferro Et Cruore
4-Kinovia :Znemania
5- Albireon :Learning To Breathe
6- Regard Extrême :Mélodie Des Spectres
7- Irrelevant :No Sin For Lovers
8- Baroque Bordello :Voyageur
9- Neutral : Russian Saga

Limited edition of 555 hand numbered copies on card bord. Summer 2004.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

...The Soil Bleeds Black - Quintessence [2001]

1- Earthe
2- Air
3- Fyre
4- Water
5- Quintessence

The ‘quintessential’ album from TSBB consists of five neo-medieval folk songs, each based on the alchemical elements of earthe, air, fyre, water, and quintessence. This fifth album of theirs showcases the longest songs ever recorded by the band and accomplishes a sound unlike any of their previous musical efforts, while still maintaining their standard of medieval atmosphere. This release is filled with rich lyrical intricacies and lush acoustic instrumentations

Ecopak CD from the defunct World Serpent Label

Down In June - Covers...Death In June [2008]

1 Heilige Liebe! (1:20)
2 The Enemy Within (3:55)
3 Fall Apart (3:37)
4 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? (4:25)
5 Hollows Of Devotion (4:10)
6 Heaven Street (2:49)
7 Little Black Angel (3:25)
8 The Grass Is Always Browner (2:47)
9 Fields Of Rape (7:29)
10 Little Blue Butterfly (4:21)
11 Frost Flowers (8:31)
12 He's Disabled (3:03)
13 Kameradschaft (6:03)
14 To Drown A Rose In White... (10:03)

No slavish imitators, Sweden's Down In June deconstruct and lavishly–as well as lovingly–reinvent songs from the Death In June catalogue with their own distinctive Totenpop vision. As The Byrds were to Dylan, so Down In June are to Death In June. A very rare and surprising discovery awaits.


vbr ~189 kbps

V:28 - Total ReConstruction [2008]

1 V:28 - Desert Generator Hell (7:16)
Remix - Nordvargr*
2 V:28 - Pattern Of The Weak (4:30)
Remix - Beyond Sensory Experience
3 V:28 - Infected By Life (Rmx 33 Rpm LP-version) (3:51)
Remix - Megaptera
4 V:28 - Absolute Nothing (Manes Redux) (5:22)
Remix - Manes
5 V:28 - To Be Detuned (4:45)
Remix - Des Esseintes
6 V:28 - Surrender To Oblivion (Dark Resonance Mix) (6:25)
Remix - Lrz
7 V:28 - When Entropy Is Thwarted (4:58)
Remix - Thrawn Hellspawn
8 V:28 - Solid Structure: Undone (6:38)
Remix - E.P.A. , Shinjuku Thief
9 V:28 - Dead Men's Chior (Remix) (4:34)
Remix - Desiderii Marginis
10 V:28 - Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing Remixed) (9:59)
Remix - Origami Galaktika
11 V:28 featuring Coph Nia - All Lined Up (Swans Cover) (5:01)
12 V:28 - One Last Breath (Bleak Cover) (4:37)

Founded on a prophecy about the downfall of humanity and the end of the world, the Norwegian industrial death metal band V:28 set out on a musical journey through a world in turmoil. Their three albums, NonAnthropogenic, SoulSaviour and VioLution released by Vendlus Records, constitute the Total Deconstruction trilogy, where the band dug far into the dark matter of the human mind in search for the ultimate apocalypse. The burning desire to explore new musical territories lead to a multitude of interesting collaborations and approaches within the extreme metal genre. As a result, V:28 has in many ways been a groundbreaking act in their field.

The idea of doing a remix album was spawned at an early stage in the band's existence. Carefully selected artists were invited to use V:28 source material to make their own interpretation of a chosen track. Not only does this release mark the end of the band, but it also showcases the experimental side of the band and much of what has been a great source of inspiration for the cinematic and apocalyptic sound of V:28. - The Total Reconstruction was born!


vbr ~191 kbps

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ah Cama-Sotz - Declaration of Innocence [2008]

1 When Dreams Collide (7:30)
2 Voices From The Dark (Silentium) (6:43)
3 Warszawa (6:57)
4 Decline Of The Roman Empire (5:16)
5 Lines Are Sacred (8:58)
6 Isfahan (7:21)
7 Akhirah (4:38)
8 Offering | Sacrifice (6:28)
9 Declaration Of Innocence † Aralim (10:38)

Limited numbered edition of 500 copies in a metal box!
Exactly one year after the highly acclaimed 'Dead Cities' the
man who we know better as Ah Cama-Sotz (Batman to his friends)
presents a new album on his own Bats and Cats label. Hidden
inside a metal CD-case lies the 'Declaration of Innocence',
guarded by the characteristic circular logo of the Bat.
In ten tracks Ah Cama-Sotz tells the story of a journey - how
your soul is transported into another dimension. Events on this
journey involve a certain 'Sacrifice' as instructed by 'Voices
from the Dark', a visit to 'Warszawa' and - albeit from a
distance - watch the 'Decline of the Roman Empire'.
And like a true journey, the view out of the window is gorgeous.
Varied and dynamic as we have gotten to know the talent of our
tour-conductor. There are moments of deep dub with heavily
distorted guitars, ambient neo-classical soundscapes, Arabian,
as well as ritualistic influences. And the additional vocals of
Fleur Pierets turn the rockiest mountain into the garden of eden.
With 'Declaration of innocence' Ah Cama-Sotz succeeds again in
delivering an album which completely fucks up the inside of your
head and therefore changes your perspective of a world filled
with blood, guilt, sin and innocence.

vbr ~204 kbps

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Challenge of Honour - No Way Out [2008]

1. No Way Out
2. Slavery called democracy
3. Walls of Jericho
4. Fall from grace
5. Nakba
6. Thinking about Ernesto
7. We will reach that certain point
8. A lst goodbye
9. No way out (reprise)
10. City of decay

Finally after a long pause, the new A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR album is out now! their last album "Seven Samurai" was released 4 years ago and in these past years many things changed (in) ACOH. With "No way out" you will hear a completely new side of ACOH. The album would be best described as a pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements. Peter learned to play several acoustic instruments in the last years and some guest musicians also helped to create the band's new style. On "No way out" You hear acoustic piano, guitars, e-bass and contrabass, drums, violin and bells, as well as electronic instruments. most songs are with lyrics and have quite a dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts. Some songs even spread a feeling of early 80's independent music like Joy Division, the Fall, New Model Army, etc.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Triple Tree - Ghosts [2008]

1 Ghosts - Prologue (4:01)
2 Three Crowns (5:36)
3 The Stalls (3:45)
4 The Mezzotint (4:11)
5 Mrs. Mothersole (4:02)
6 The Ash Tree (4:40)
7 The Malice Of Inanimate Objects (5:05)
8 There Was An Old Man Dwelt By A Churchyard (1:48)
9 Lost Hearts (5:25)
10 Oh, Whistle And I'll Come To You (5:10)
11 Black Crusade (4:54)
12 Casting The Runes (5:34)
13 The Ghosts Of England (3:50)

The Triple Tree consists of Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and Andrew King aided and abetted by M, Autumn Grieve, Kris Force, Guy Harries, Renee Rosen and John Murphy, and is an extended homage to the supernatural fiction of M. R. James (with a certain nod to his notable studies in the New Testament Apocrypha) the greatest ghost story writer in the English language, and the finest medievalist of his generation. Join Dr Wakeford and the Rev. King as they search for the Three Crowns, attempt to Cast the Runes, purchase The Mezzotint, follow Mr Abney’s "remarkable enlightenment" in Lost Hearts, and join Count Magnus on the "Black Crusade"! Winter evenings will never be the same again…


320 kbps

A Challenge of Honour - Ashigaru Revealed [2008]

01 Dance
02 Dark
03 Burn
04 Blood
05 Dangerous
06 Cold

"Warrior's way means death. When there are two ways to choose, choose the one that leads to death. Don’t argue! Direct your thoughts to the way you’d prefer, and follow..."
The latest work from one of the most prominent and outstanding Martial / neoclassical European projects. Continuation of music Odyssey began 7 EP - box-set "Ashigaru and dedicated to warrior’s traditions of medieval Japan. Graceful and epic cocktail of atmospheric neoclassical passages, Japanese drums and rhythms.

vbr ~183 kbps

Friday, October 17, 2008

Medusa's Spell - Last X Hours [2008]

1. Prelude
2. Why don't you help me?
3. Black hair
4. Seven hours to execution
5. Six hours to execution
6. Five hours to execution
7. Four hours to execution
8. Three hours to execution
9. Grazia Plena
10. Execution

The Italian duo Medusa’s Spell is back with their second album after the “Mercurial Behaviour” released on Cold Meat in 2006. “Last X hours”is also a conceptual album, this time following the ten last tragic hours of a woman who stands accused for witchery. Ten songs, each representing one hour of her last ten in life, from the moments of the trial, - when her body is completely exhausted from pain - until her mind resigned to her fate of death. The lyrics of the first and the last song is a curse! - the true words spoken by a woman falsely accused of witchery and condemned to death in 1428. The witch of Medusa’s Spell is however a symbolic woman representing all women condemned as witches. By infernal torments and torture her mind and tongue slowly converts to the Devil…and her voice becomes finally the voice of the Devil.
Medusa’s Spell has again created a genuine accoustic ritual dark-folk concept.

vbr ~180 kbps

Grey Force Wakeford - Marble Heart [2008]

1 The Weavers Dream (3:11)
2 1234 (5:06)
3 Vercors (5:13)
4 Marble Heart (4:30)
5 King Solomon's Architects (7:40)
6 Winter Again (4:28)
7 Maritime Passage (7:16)
8 And The Name He Gave Me (1:50)
9 December (7:42)
10 Shadows In The Light (7:32)

Faux-spiritual drone-folk from Nick Grey enters into a very stark contrast with more serious, moody edges from neo-folk pioneer Tony Wakeford, while moments of intense communion between Kris Force and Grey come off as a relief of earth-crying gloom and experimental processes and methods recalling Philip Glass' most divine moments, meeting old school industrial angst à la Throbbing Gristle with a twist of sublime, early Brian Eno.

Force and Grey craft a general climate of neo-classical acoustic technique and chamber music arrangements, meeting up with Wakeford's ownset of aesthetics and conjuring a heart-warming, post-jazzy, epic fusion of the senses. Various clarinets, live vibraphone, antique old piano, creeping blues-garage guitar, voices in chorus, masterfully haunting strings and vocal solos all rejoice in a whole new genre of extremely humble post-industrial musical theatre, replete with up-to-date electronic processing techniques.


vbr ~222 kbps

Sol Invictus - Lex Talionis (re-issue) [2008]

1 Blood And Wine
2 Lex Talionis
3 Black Easter
4 Kneel To The Cross
5 The Ruins
6 Tooth And Claw
7 Blood Against Gold
8 Fields
9 Abattoirs Of Love
10 Heroe's Day
11 Rex Talionis
12 Wine And Blood
13 Black Easter (Live)

Limited edition of 1001 copies.
Includes an exclusive bonus track "Black Easter (Live)" not previously available in the first edition and eight page booklet full with all the lyrics.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lifelover - Konkurs [2008]

01. Shallow (6:27)
02. Mental Central Dialog (3:59)
03. Brand (4:17)
04. Cancertid (4:56)
05. Konvulsion (3:13)
06. Twitch (3:21)
07. Narcotic Devotion (4:19)
08. Alltid - Aldrig (4:30)
09. Stangt p.g.a Semester (5:52)
10. Original (3:19)
11. Bitter Reflektion (5:13)
12. Mitt Annexia (3:22)
13. Spiken I Kistan (5:19)
14. En Tyst Minut (1:00)


320 kbps

raison d'être - The Luminous Experience (Live In Enschede) [2008]

1 The Invisible Gate Of The Temple (10:44)
2 Metal Stone Mental Heart (6:22)
3 The Luminous Shield (10:55)
4 Metamorphyses - Phase III (8:00)
5 Metamorphyses - Phase IV (6:57)
6 Wasteland (7:15)
7 Mouldering The Forlorned - Part I (8:01)
8 Pathfinder (6:02)
9 The End Of The Key (8:20)
'The Luminous Experience', recorded on the darkest hour of Midsummer night 2008 in Enschede (The Netherlands), is the first complete live album from raison d'être featuring the whole set of one concert. The live set mainly contains live only material: a mixture of composed and improvised elements that has never been experienced on CD before. Present here are also some live adapted compositions from the albums 'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' and 'Metamorphyses'. 'The Luminous Experience' is the 11th original album by raison d'être since their first album 'Prospectus I', released 15 years ago.


320 kbps

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Schloss Tegal - The Soul Extinguished (1991, LP)

American ambient psychogenic sound project duo consisting of Richard Schneider and Mark Burch (who also recorded as Red Skull). Project officialy started in 1989 with the release of their 1st 7"inch single Procession Of The Dead. They have been called the founders of Dark ambient music genre by some critics. Their name came from a hospital in a castle near Berlin, that served as a psychiatric clinic treating soldiers with art and music therapy.The Castle was destroyed and the patients exterminated during WWII.

A1- The Brides Of Loudun
A2- Immunde Spiritus
A3- Cadaver Obedience
A4- Procession Of The Dead
A5- Autopsy The Animal
B1- The Visitation
B2- Adoration Of Teitan
B3- Godvision
B4- Malefacia

Their works are a mixture of graphical information in the form of audio tapes synthesizers and electronic sound and forensic samples that resemble more of a anthropological film or study rather than music per se. The music is extreme and overpowering psychogenic (psychological/hallucination) sound intrinsic mind movie which is ultra-real and sometimes subliminal and many times not for the weak stomach. The sounds range from dark ambient, experimentral to extreme psychogenic power electronics. Schloss Tegal create what they call hyper-real sound or pshychogenic sound.

Limited edition of 300 copies

Monday, October 13, 2008

Northaunt - In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death (CDr) [2004]

1. Autumn Cold, Rain From The Stars (20:42)

Limited CDr release (111 hand numbered copies).
This is the second release in a series of 12 by 12 different artists, inspired by Alan Moore's graphic novel, "Watchmen".


vbr ~194 kbps

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bosse - Echoes of The Forgotten [2008]

01. I (3:06)
02. II (6:34)
03. III (4:34)
04. IV (5:08)
05. V (4:37)
06. VI (9:10)

After a few private and published demo recordings, Brooklyn-based Richard Bosse delivers
his debut album. After an impressive third demo - the first one to be made public - Bosse has now taken things to a whole superior level in terms of emotional rendition through the bleakest form of acoustic funeral folk. All you will find here is melancholy, nostalgia and voluntary isolation from all that is human. Makes you wonder if this was created by someone living on the same planet.
This work of seclusion truly is the fiddler’s tune of our funeral to come.

A5 digipack limited to 100 copies with booklet.
Also released as in a standard jewel case edition.


320 kbps

Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov a Beckoning Arcanum [2006]

1 For All Things Now Dead And Gone (6:19)
2 A Horrible Excess Of Stench... (5:52)
3 ...Thrown Up By The Profound Abyss (4:48)
4 What Comes Forth From Obscurity (7:56)
5 Among The Blackest Souls Below (7:04)
6 Governed By The Sphere Of Mars (5:52)
7 From The Gulf And Into Existence (6:53)
8 Ancient Voices Haunt The Deep (6:18)
9 On The Brink Of The Steep (6:24)

O Thou that dwelleth in the darkness of the Outer Void, come forth unto the Earth once more I entreat thee. O Thou who abideth beyond the Spheres of Time, hear my supplication. O Thou who art the Gate and the Way come forth come forth Thy servant calleth Thee. Come forth! Come forth! I speak the words, I Break Thy bonds, the seal is cast aside, pass through the Gate and enter the world! I maketh Thy mighty Sign! I Trace the pentagram of Fire and say the incantation that causeth O Great One to manifest before the Gate! Manifest! O Great One, manifest!

And then he will come unto thee and bring His Globes and He will give true answer to all you desire to know. And He shall reveal unto you the secret of His seal by which you may gain favour in the sight of the Old Ones when They once more walk the Earth.


320 kbps

Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov Who Lieth Dead But Ever Dreameth [2003]

1 Invocating The Dead But Ever Dreameth (9:58)
2 Irion-Estyon (4:54)
3 Xenthono-Rohmatru (7:35)
4 Zodcarnes (6:02)
5 Yog-Sothoth (8:10)
6 Dho-Hna (7:04)
7 Damamiach (5:28)
8 Closing With The Sign Of Koth (8:51)

For Yog-Sothoth is the Gate. He knoweth where the Old Ones came forth in times past and where They came forth again when the cycle returneth.

Hcoriaxiju, Zodcarnes, I powerfully call upon ye and stir ye up O ye mighty spirits that dwelleth in the Great Abyss.

By Xenethono-Rohmatru, I command you O Aziabelis, by Ysehyroroseth, I call the O Antiquelis, and in the Vast and Terrible Name of Damamiach that Crom-yha uttered and the mountains shook I mightily compel ye forth O Barbuelis, attend me ! Aid me ! Give power unto the runes of fire recieveth such virtue that it shall strike fear into the hearts of all spirits that would disobey my commands !


320 kbps

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Olhon - Sinkhole [2006]

1 Descent (3:07)
2 On Sea Level (-70 m) (5:32)
3 Olhon Sounding-Line (-91 m) (5:33)
4 Speleosub (-100 m) (4:06)
5 R.O.V. Mercurio (-210 m) (4:20)
6 Hiball 300 R.O.V. (-310 m) (3:53)
7 R.O.V. Prometeo (-392 m) (3:07)
8 Groundless (-400 m) (3:43)
9 Deeper (4:21)
10 Unexplored (3:17)
The tracks of this CD were obtained using only original recordings made in the Pozzo del Merro sinkhole in the first, dry part of the hole, and in the wet, bottom part, using special microphones and sensing hardware. The recorded sounds were then treated in studio with some basic processing: pitch shifting, filtering, reverberating, mixing, fading. When possible, arbitrary musical structures were avoided in the final mix.



Friday, October 10, 2008

Raventale - Long Passed Days [2008]

1. By a Gnash of Pain (Nostalgia) 09:13
2. Long Passed Days 10:51
3. Up for Horizon (Both Like Birds) 03:27
4. Sunset of the Age (Anathema Cover) 08:25
5. From Time of Black Wells 07:11
6. My Silhouette Is Going Far 05:21
New work from the talented Ukrainian depressive black metal band. This time Raventale demonstrate us a transition to black doom side, still preserving their inimitable atmosphere and melodiousness. Combining fury and coldness of black metal with melancholic loneliness of doom metal, in addition with some elements of ambient, the band rises up on a new level of quality. The beautiful lyrics make the new album "Long Passed Days" more attractive for all lovers of the voluptuous side of black metal.


320 kbps

Nox Inferi - Adverse Spheres [2008]

01. I (8:41)
02. II (7:55)
03. III (9:37)
04. IV (14:02)
05. V (5:58)
06. VI (5:06)


320 kbps

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Necrophorus - Moments Of Sleeping Sadness [2008]

1 The Dormant Being
2 A Second Very Heavy Grief
3 Soporfiric
4 In Mourning
5 Threshold Over Times
6 Water From Arcane Delight
7 Sadnight
8 The Dormant Being
9 A Second Very Heavy Grief
10 From Sadness To Somnolence
11 In Mourning (She Will Now Sleep Forever)
12 Glasswork
13 Rainnight
14 Soporfiric
All titles created by Peter Andersson in 1991-1992
Titles 1-4, 8-11 first appeared on the demo tape ‘Sadness and Somnolence’ (1991)
Titles 5-7, 12-14 first appeared on the demo tape ‘The Voices of Eternity Which Calls for the Captives of the Time’ (1992)
Titles 1-7 are re-mixes from 1996 and 1999
Titles 8-14 are taken from the original demo tapes.


vbr ~200 kbps

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hypnoz - Breath Of Earth [2008]

1. Rise (4:40)
2. Wandering River (6:14)
3. Whisper Before Sleep (7:37)
4. Storm (5:21)
5. Secret Wave (4:42)
6. Water (7:11)
7. Earth (5:17)
Hypnoz is a project of Dmitry Zubov, a musician from Moscow suburb town Fryazino, which endowed the lovers of post-industrial music with such names as Hum and Staruha Mha. His first composition was recorded in 1993, and during its existence Hypnoz has released one CD on the Moscow label Insofar Vapour Bulk, which gathered tracks from different periods, a couple of very limited CD-Rs, and participated on the compilation "Iznutri" by the Ewers Tonkunst label with a fragment of a composition from this album. Aside from Hypnoz Dmitry plays in several other projects: Zuboff Sex Shop (post-punk / new-wave), Circle Of Iron Tape (harsh noise), BRZB (electronics, with Alexey Borisov), etc.

The basis of most of the tracks for "Breath of Earth" was recorded by Dmitry together with Evgeny Voronovsky (Cisfinitum) during their joint night psychedelic sessions, and this is evidently felt in their mood. Stylistically this can be called tranquil electronic ambient with a remarkable experimental touch – but who thinks about it while recording? Slowly twisting sound helixes, drawing inside the astral subspaces, pulsating rhythms, cosmic sounds of old analogue synthesizers, – all this produces an appropriate effect on the listener's mind, and there's nothing more to demand from music.

Limited to 500 copies


320 kbps

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alio Die - Aura Seminalis [2008]

1 Sine Tempore Part I (16:47)
2 Sine Tempore Part II (8:47)
3 Sine Tempore Part III (7:10)
4 Aura Seminalis Part I (5:43)
5 Aura Seminalis Part II (23:03)
This new work is part of the Castle's sonorisation series. The first half depicts an epicentre of mystic music characterized by a gold cathedral's atmosphere, whereas part two displays an ascensional soundworld of arcane purity and rare beauty.



Monday, October 6, 2008

Skepticism - Alloy [2008]

1. The Arrival 06:38
2. March October 10:30
3. Antimony 08:46
4. The Curtain 05:48
5. Pendulum 09:13
6. Oars in the Dusk 06:22


192 kbps

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak [2008]

1. Half Light 07:48
2. Dead Words Speak 08:01
3. The Lachymal Sleep 08:00
4. Upon The Cataract 07:59
5. Leaden Winged Burden 06:43
6. Threnode 12:10


vbr ~226 kbps

Friday, October 3, 2008

Liholesie - Boundless Thirst For The Outside [2008]

1.Under A Leaden Sky
2.Boundless Thirst For The Outside
3.In Silence and Despair
5.In Desolate Fields
6.The Eternal Wandering
7.The Swan-song
8.At the Gates
9.Towards New Losses ... Towards Empty Horizons
Transient serenity of the previous album has gone. More Angst, more drums, more thrilling tunes! Go ahead! Beyond horizons! The fourth album of the project LIHOLESIE. More Industrial-Neofolk with barbaric drum patterns but keeping to the previous melodic/lyrical lines this time. Enigmatic, dark, mysterious. Amid debris of a bygone civilization.

320 kbps

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Negru Voda/ Third Eye - An Impulse Of Fear / Raudive Experiments (1998)

Negru Voda is Peter Nyström's solo project after the demise of Megaptera.
Third Eye is Magnus Sundström the man behind projects like Des Esseintes and The Protagonist
This is an excellent work in tribal/rhythmic Industrial/Dark Ambient music.

An Impulse Of Fear (NEGRU VODA)
1- Death In Your Eyes
2- Hide Your Face
3- Metal Feedback
4- Tribes Of Cannibals
5- Incinerate
6- Impulse Of Fear
7- Psycho Voodoo Killer (Vodka Remix)
8- The Fourth Coffin

Raudive Experiments (THIRD EYE)
9- Black Friday
10- The Enigma Of Death
11- Lucid Dreams
12- Precognition
13- Hypnagogic State
14- Insomnia

Originally released on cassette by Slaughter Productions (1994). Tracks 7, 8, 13, & 14 are bonus tracks not on the original.


Elend - The Umbersun (10 Year Anniversary Edition) [2008]

1 Overture (2:38)
2 Du Tréfonds Des Ténèbres (10:41)
3 Melpomene (10:26)
4 Moon Of Amber (6:17)
5 Apocalypse (9:13)
6 Umbra (8:42)
7 The Umbersun (5:46)
8 In The Embrasure Of Heaven (5:52)
9 The Wake Of The Angel (4:46)
10 Au Tréfonds Des Ténèbres (5:03)
The 3rd and final part in the Officium Tenebrarum trilogy, and one of Elend's most apocalyptic and awe-inspiring works. Now carefully remastered, with the artwork originally refused by MFN, and a bonus track recorded during the same sessions.


320 kbps

Za Frûmi - Legends Act 3: Cults [2008]

1 The Cult Of The Great Eye (5:38)
2 The Cult Of The Dragon Maw (3:29)
3 The Cult Of The Ysa Ih (4:05)
4 The Cult Of The Queen Of Heaven (4:06)
5 The Cult Of Nudero (2:04)
6 The Cult Of Mortalis (5:11)
7 The Cult Of Helzichor (5:18)
8 The Cult Of Azoot (2:58)
9 The Cult Of Genohsa (4:18)
10 The Cult Of Maelzeth (2:50)
11 The Blood Cult Of The Nosferatu (8:11)
This album is inspired by the Cults in the world of Za Frûmi. An outstanding album released the same day as Legends act 4 - Orders with murderous, primitive, dark, mystical and breathtaking fantasy music.
This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. An obvious candidate for album of the year.


vbr ~194 kbps
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