Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth [2009]

1 Cornerstone (5:55)
2 Antenna (6:40)
3 Bascule Bridge (5:53)
4 Railroom (5:43)
5 Deadpost (3:48)
6 Cella (9:55)
7 Architecton (9:47)

Pär Boström, the man behind the acclaimed project KAMMARHEIT offers us a new and unexpected entity under the name Cities Last Broadcast. The Cancelled Earth album is the result of almost a decade of sporadic field recordings mainly recorded in airports, train stations, various tunnels and under numerous bridges all greatly polished and turned into a refined mass of desolate ambience and subtle hypnosis all engulfed in Pär's legendary signature sound. Uniquely packaged in a gatefold book like format with rich and singular artwork made by Boström himself. Through Cities Last Broadcast the buildings themselves will gather to whisper about their inscrutable story.
Edition of 1000 copies In gatefold A5 cardboard sleeve.



320 kbps

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Anonymous said...

Neat, thanks much, I`ll give it a listen. I see this is on cyclic law.

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