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Za Frûmi - The Box [2009]

CD 1 - Za Shum Ushatar Uglakh'

01. Intro (2:20)
02. Dushatar (7:07)
03. Za Kala (3:32)
04. Za Shulg (3:01)
05. Nudertogat (4:39)
06. Albai (5:06)
07. Vrapogat (7:13)
08. Interludium (7:06)
09. Za Ismael Kala (Act 1) (8:23)
10. Za Ismael Kala (Act 2) (5:39)
11. Knish Requiem (Outro) (0:58)

CD 2 - Tach

01. Shakapon (5:26)
02. Bug Selrath (2:36)
03. Za Shapaukatar Shâpol (5:26)
04. Taposhat Za Lum (3:37)
05. Alba Fashat (2:58)
06. Gothbork (4:32)
07. Burgat Raz Azuli (1:49)
08. Za Hînor (4:29)
09. Za Golug Gûrzauron (1:21)
10. Za Yagul Gûrzauron (0:47)
11. Za Alokh Gûrzauron (1:07)
12. Rejthar (4:11)
13. Zigani (4:26)
14. Interludium II (4:48)
15. Za Garmadh-Gukh (6:31)
16. Za Frûmi (3:05)
17. Za Kaushar (3:33)

CD 3 - Shrak Ishi Za Migul

01. Intro (2:51)
02. Baurukat (Imprisoned) (4:03)
03. Margim Iz Za Kala (Escape From The Keep) (5:28)
04. Bartomat Ishivosh (Riding Away) (3:44)
05. Fashati (Villages) (8:21)
06. Shum Narvogtar (Great Defeat) (4:50)
07. Imrra (4:48)
08. Interludium 3 (2:55)
09. Za Shrak (The Gathering) (3:41)
10. Za Shapog (Part 1) (The Revenge) (2:56)
11. Za Shapog (Part 2) (The Revenge) (3:14)
12. Outro (2:32)

CD 4 - Legends Act 1

01. Dwarven Wars (4:35)
02. Azoot Oh' Khan's Keep (4:27)
03. The Olog Forest (4:30)
04. Tea (1:24)
05. Above And Below (6:52)
06. Midnight (3:45)
07. The Inn (2:58)
08. Za Shulg (Remix) (3:21)
09. The Gathering Of The Tribes (5:35)
10. The Cleansing (Act 1) (4:14)
11. The Cleansing (Act 2) (2:35)

CD 5 - Legends Act 2: Vampires

01. Through Jakesh Eyes (3:50)
02. The Curse (5:21)
03. Halls Of Madness (3:42)
04. Celestial Bond (2:42)
05. Morning Dew (4:35)
06. The Cult Of Rianji (6:47)
07. Shadow Twin (4:09)
08. Blood Slaves (3:17)
09. Crematoria (4:03)
10. The Feast (5:57)

CD 6 - Legends Act 3: Cults

01. The Cult Of The Great Eye (5:38)
02. The Cult Of The Dragon Maw (3:29)
03. The Cult Of The Ysa'Ih (4:05)
04. The Cult Of The Queen Of Heaven (4:06)
05. The Cult Of Nudero (2:03)
06. The Cult Of Mortalis (5:10)
07. The Cult Of Helzichor (5:18)
08. The Cult Of Azoot (2:58)
09. The Cult Of Genohsa (4:18)
10. The Cult Of Maelzeth (2:50)
11. The Blood Cult Of The Nosferatu (8:11)

CD 7 - Legends Act 4: Orders

01. Ordo Intedob (6:02)
02. Ordo Inano (5:59)
03. Ordo Ber'Geliaz (5:46)
04. Ordo Defelgratio Inano Arcturu (4:42)
05. Ordo Vortokh (5:30)
06. Ordo Botta Secreta (4:21)
07. Ordo Custos Ari (4:03)
08. Ordo Nindyn Vel'Uss Noamuth (3:05)
09. Ordo Asomir (3:56)
10. Ordo Templi Sulfurium Draconis (3:47)
11. Ordo Koum Janoh'Te (2:36)

CD 8 - Special

01. Interludium I (Alternative Version) (4:15)
02. Aiwass (4:59)
03. Voyvod Szadrin (4:09)
04. Compilation Intro (3:52)
05. Midnight (Alternative Version) (3:46)
06. Immra (Alternative Version) (4:19)
07. Ordo Koum Janoh Té (Alternative Version) (2:28)
08. Ordo Asomir (Alternative Version) (3:09)
09. Interludium III (Alternative Version) (1:12)

Hand numbered box limited to 100 copies!

Za Frûmi Saga: Za shum ushatar Uglakh (2000, sold out), Tach - Chapter 2 (2001, Sold out),
Shrak ishi za migul - Chapter 3 (2007).
Za Frûmi Legends: Legends act 1 (2003), Legends act 2 - Vampires (2004), Legends act 3 - Cults (2008), Legends act 4 - Order (2008).
"Special" album only released for this box (2009)!


TOTAL PLAYING TIME: 6 Hours & 23 Minutes

6 booklets + a new booklet with 20 pages. In the new booklet (which is signed, not copied! by Za Frûmi) you can read a letter from Simon Kölle & Simon Heath. In it you can also read the only missing booklet (Za shum ushatar Uglakh) and the credits + info about the "Special" CD.

This album is simply called "Special" and consist 9 tracks.
One track with a 110 strong orchestra playing an alternative version of "Interludium I" Three of the tracks have been heard on compilations, two tracks with alternative versions which never ended up on the albums but was supposed to or could have. Last but not least you can also hear three very fresh alternative versions of songs rewritten by Simon Kölle for violin and classic guitar. These tracks will not be released again. All tracks were mastered 2009 by Simon Heath.

A Poster with a new map (made by Simon Heath) of the World of Za Frûmi. The poster is in A3.

CD1: http://linksave.in/21328658874b43c9bf098f7

CD2: http://linksave.in/6574494914b43d7433384b

CD3: http://linksave.in/16358736454b43d7c6717d3

CD4: http://linksave.in/6304171244b43d815d0dec

CD5: http://linksave.in/3917657714b43ea2d43d49

CD6: http://linksave.in/15694603204b43ea6c00afe

CD7: http://linksave.in/10378300044b43eab540e30

CD8: http://linksave.in/8184064554b43ead5c2ad9

FLAC (lossless)

Big thanks to the original ripper!


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Thought I'd have a listen to cd1 and see what I thought....
Loving it! Strange, slightly unsettling music and guttural murmurings from somewhere I think I'd quite like to live. Think the Virgin Prunes lived there for a while too; anyway, wherever it is, it's a better place(and time)than the increasingly nightmarish here-and-now.
Time to go and continue my plans for slicing up my neighbor, even though they've moved him out now.
Thanks for this!

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