Tuesday, July 8, 2008

APOPTOSE - Nordland [2000]

1- Unter Bewusstsein
2- Abschied von der Sonne
3- Nordlicht
4- Nidstång
5- Horizont
6- Sturmnacht
7- Erntewôd

This is the first release from this EXCELLENT German one-man project who makes instrumental, mostly electronic music, with great depth and variety. And of course, is one of my Favourite Artists.

"With elements of dark ambience and martial neo-classical, Apoptose infuse inspiration from both into their own sound, subsequently creating a great album in the process. To describe further, there are no tracks that could really be considered neo-classical in their own right, yet it is the use of ritual/martial percussion and solemn classical tunes that give this in part a similar aura. Crowd noise, mid-paced pounding martial beats and solemn keyboard layers are found on the opener, ‘Uter Bewusstsein’, while the sorrowful yet rousing atmospheres of ‘Abschied Von Der Sonne’ are accentuated by selected outbursts of sharp drum rolls (that become more prominent mid way through to take the main focus). The sampled female choir vocals of ‘Nidstang’ give a broad comparison to Raison d’être (at his most composed), with the backing music containing shifting bass soaked noise and classically inspired keyboard layers. The classical type movement continues into ‘Horizont’ with a deep cello being the most discernable element of the melody. Mid-way in, heavy martial drumming pounds into contention creating a much more aggressive aura over the unchanging musical backing. The drawn out concluding track ‘Erntewod’ is content with slowly forging forward with a repeating tune and fluctuating backing consolidating the pieces focus. The only thing left to mention is the fold out digipack that complements the music perfectly - a great merging of visuals and sound. This release is definitely recommended."
Review from "Spectrum magazine"

"Nordland" was released May 2000 in an edition of 1000 embossed 6-panel digipaks. In 2001 there was a second edition of 1000 copies with little colour-changes on the digipak and the CD labelprint.

p.s. thanks to the "discogs", becouse i dont had the work to shot the photos of my digipak :)
I will not post the others albuns of Apopotose, becouse they are more easy to find on net.

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