Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ - Montauk project [2005]

1- Let's Talk Montauk
2- Phoenix II
3- Camp Hero
4- S.A.G.E.
5- The Human Factor
6- Neural Tunnelling
7- Montauk Chair
8- Facing Reality
9- Phoenix III
10- 6037
11- Delta-T-Antenna
12- Tran(c)eformation Of America
13- Now Is The Time...
14- ...To Think About!

This is the Third release of G.S. and of course is another one EXCELLENT work. Montauk Project (also named the Phoenix Project, depending on the time period) was in the 70's and early 80's a covert governmental ultra-top-secret electromagnetic mind control and time experiment project that took place at an abandoned Air Force radar base at the southeast tip of Long Island (New York) ...a base that should still be in use nowadays for ultra-secret research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control...(just to name a few of these mad projects that are the work of secret societies).

The overall musical assemblage is mostly based upon dense layers of sound, pulsed and repetitive frequencies, drawn out ambient textures, multiple noises, deformed voices/cries... with some atmospheric passages...but expect to physically and mentally feel the special atmosphere of this record, especially on 'Montauk Chair' which is a real listening experience that will leave no listener insensible...
(some words taken from the defunct Heimdllar Webzine)

The regular cd edition comes in a dvd case featuring a 19x14 cm foldout digipak with a holographic picture on the frontcover. The special limited handmade edition (only 83 numbered copies), it comes in a stunning 22x22 cm S.A.G.E. radar station made of wood and metal.Included too an 11x9 cm holographic card.

p.s. - You can find all the discography of G.S. on the blog :)

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