Thursday, July 3, 2008


1- Anima
2- Conqueror
3- Fireblood
4- Thirteen Kings
5- Queen Ov Flames
6- Draco Rex
8- Cloud
9- Claw And Flame
10- Princess
11- Lady Ov Water
12- Lure
13- Throne
Draco Rex is the 10th anniversary of Conscientia Peccati. The project started in 1994 with the release of the "Theogonia" Tape at Art Konkret. The topic of this release is the dragon, the best-known mystical beasts and also offers vast variations in form and interpretation. While in Christian culture it is seen as a destructive servant of Satan, in China it can be a lucky charm bringing fertility and prosperity.The tracks of this work try to represent these different aspects. Some show the playful nature of the dragons, which are often said to be lovers of beautiful music. Others address the destructive nature of the dragons or the battles against them. There are songs about dragon worship, stories about the deeds of dragons and about their role in society. Poes "Conqueror Worm" also appears in one track, still bloodthirsty.
To reflect all these aspects, the album consists of musical styles ranging from Marches via Dark Ambient to simple instrumental melodies. "Conqueror Worm", due to its folkloristic topic, may be the Conscientia Peccati release with the strongest middle-age influences to date.
(words taken from Palace of Warms)

Limited edition to 333 handnumbered copies, mine is the 154 :)

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