Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - Yndalongg [1996, Vinyl, 10"]

A1 - Untitled
A2 - Untitled
B - Untitled

Yndalongg (ART 4) containing three previously unreleased tracks, all recorded at Little Saxam Church, Suffolk
The A side is more typical of the duo's normal style,
first track concerns the heinous 'Children's Crusade' of 1212 in which corrupt merchants traded on Christian zeal to transport thousands of children from Marseilles to Alexandria where they were sold into slavery. The song has a strong melody line, clever counterpoising of Elisabeth's two vocal tracks. The second track appears to be a thematic sequel.
The B side has a laid-back, ambient-industrial instrumental which is very like some Nurse With Wound.

Yndalongg is a 10" and comes in a grey sleeve with a grey poster featuring the group's logo. Limited edition to 555 copies.

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