Thursday, July 24, 2008

...The Soil Bleeds Black - May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged [1998]

1- This Is A Tale...
2- Enter The Green Knight
3- To Strike One Stroke For Another
4- A Twelvemonth Of Fear For The Coming Year
5- Rejoice
6- Victory Is Mine
7- Foreshadow
8- Now Sets Off A Noble Knight
9- Sorrow With Summer Comes
10- Sir Gawain Bores His Emblem Bright
11- Across Country He Rides For The Table Round
12- A Castle Most Comely
13- We Welcome Thee, Sir Gawain
14- There Was Meat, There Was Mirth, There Was Much Joy
15- The Good Host's Deal
16- The Lord, His Host, Leads The First Hunt
17- Fair Pastimes They Pursue
18- She Kisses The Knight So True
19- With Many A Brave Blast They Boast Their Prize
20- Sweet Melody
21- Gallant And True Sir Gawain Still
22- Off To The Wood Away
23- Gracious Gawawin Gives Thanks
24- Now The New Year Draws Near
25- In His Richest Raiment
26- That Princely Steed
27- Warning From The Man That Rode Nearby
28- The Chapel Green
29- What A Place Acursed
30- Strike Once More
31- Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
32- The Green Knight Fails At The Third Throw
33- Hony Soyt Qui Mal Pense
34- Gawain Sets Out Anew

TSBB's themed third album based on the "Tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." This album exhibits TSBB's first explorations into non-synthetic instrumentation and carries both jovial and melancholic atmospheres.Just another FANTASTIC album for this great artists. Highly Recommend

Comes in a very niceDigipak.

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