Monday, August 18, 2008

ATUM - Agorafobia [cdr- 2006]

1- I
2- II
3- III
4- IV
5- V
6- VI

This is the first album of the Polish dark ambient "Agorafobia" project- ATUM is a record that is as cold as ice. Dark and cool sounds are inspired by dead and huge space.

The unconventional triangular cover-21x21x30cm is folded in two with two holes through which a black rubber band connects the entire cover. Inside there is a cardboard strap thet keeps the record from moving inside the box. The edition is hand-numbered and includes 255 profesionally made CDR's. The cover includes a beautiful poem by A. Mickewicz called "By the huge and clean water"

Words taken from Beast of Prey label

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