Friday, August 29, 2008

Stalingrad - Court-Martial (Limited edition w/ bonus CD) [2002]

1-1 Neither Honour Nor Glory (3:08)
1-2 Slavonija (8:23)
1-3 I Stood Beside Your Mothers (2:54)
1-4 Snehta (1:08)
1-5 The Road On Which You'll Die / Morriconiana (6:53)
1-6 An Evening By Your Sea (2:22)
1-7 Court-Martial (11:32)
1-8 The Road On Which You'll Die / Reprise (2:46)
1-9 Der Letzte Flug (4:07)
2-1 I Stood Beside Your Mothers - Manipulated By DDR (13:47)
Remix - DDR (2)
2-2 Stalingradenjung - Excessed By Nueva Germania (12:05)
Remix - Nueva Germania
The first album by Stalingrad, a side-project of, and the more orchestral side of, Kirlian Camera. An amazing mixture of bombastic pompous orchestration, combining Neofolk elements with Neoclassical and Industrial atmospheres. Oppressive Neoclassical, utilising militant percussion and heavenly voices, though some tracks have a more industrial feel. Perhaps the soundtrack for a movie about the battle of Stalingrad?

Limited to 496 copies in digipak.
Both digipak and Bonus CD housed in hand-numbered slipcase.


192 kbps


Nexist said...

Excellent stuff. I thought I would let you know that uploaded to only seems to work with Internet Explorer. I could not download with Firefox nor with Google's new browser Chrome.

SolitaryEve said...

That's odd, because it works fine for me when I use Firefox. Sorry that it's giving you problems.

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