Thursday, August 14, 2008

Runhild Gammelsæter - Amplicon [2008]

1. Collapse- Lifting of the Veil
2. Expanding Universe
3. Life
4. Evolution
5. Incubation
6. Birth
7. Coming To
8. Love
9. Senescence
10. Dying
11. Void- Empty Spaces Between Filaments
Runhild Gammelsæter (Thorr's Hammer, Sunn O))), Khlyst) releases her first solo recording. The purpose was to create something organic – sound with and about life. A lonely thing, like life, arisen from void. Stillness and a microphone, vocal chords. An idea, thoughts, a goal. Sounds of cycles of life and death, birth and cessation, described with terminology from physics, chemistry and biology. Creating by amplifying an infinitely small idea – creating an Amplimer, an Amplicon. Amplicons are pieces of DNA formed as the products of natural or artificial amplification events. Like evolution, giving rise to animal forms with ability to reproduce and die. Amplifying from a minute non-tangible idea something larger which may be experienced with the auditory sense. In physics, matter creation is the appearance of elementary particles in physical processes; the opposite of annihilation. Amplicon see Gammelsæter as a creation operator, increasing the number of particles in a given state, taking the operation necessary to amplify ideas to sound. Mixed by Tore Ylvisaker of Ulver.


320 kbps

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