Friday, November 14, 2008

David Darling - Dark Wood (1995)

David Darling is a cellist, and on Dark Wood he plays all the parts, multitracking himself playing in various registers and alternating between bowing and pizzicato techniques. The program consists of four suites, titled "Darkwood IV" through "Darkwood VII." However mannered the presentation may be, this music is really stunning. All of it moves slowly, like a dark cloud formation, as spare lines pile up on one other and pizzicato sections nudge up against long, sustained tones. "Dawn" and "New Morning," which are virtually identical compositions, bracket the program, and they are the loveliest tracks of all; where pieces like "Returning" and "Searching" hover in a sort of harmonic stasis, "Dawn" and "New Morning" move deliberately and gently through a definite chord progression, and the effect is almost cathartic. Highly recommended. - AMG

Darkwood IV

1 Dawn
2 In Motion
3 Journey

Darkwood V

4 Light
5 Earth
6 Passage

Darkwood VI

7 Beginning
8 Up Side Down
9 Searching
10 Medieval Dance

Darkwood VII

11 The Picture
12 Returning
13 New Morning

Bitrate - 320

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that's a really nice release! Waow, great to discover new artists like David Darling

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