Thursday, November 20, 2008

THE GROOVIE GOOLIES - E.I.E.E.D - ExpositionInfectionEpidemieEvacuationDevastation (2005)

1- Exposition
2- Infection
3- Epidemie
4- Evacuation
5- Devastation

I dont have any information from The Groovie Goolies, i only know that in the seventies there was a carttons with this name. I get this work from the defunct label Cauldron Music. So if the minds behind this project are still in active i dont know. But This is simple GREAT GREAT GREAT, in my opinion everything here is on the right place, the track names, the sound, the concept of the album, the cover. I have to say that im not great appreciator of Noise music, but this is FANTASTIC, in my opinion of course.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm the guy behind The Groovie Goolies. The project is now but i have a new one : Hyperbarich Yperite Therapy Chamber. You can listen it here :

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