Sunday, November 9, 2008

SKROL - Dances and Marches for the Orphan Age (2005)

Skrol was formed in autumn 1995. It consisted of composer and polyinstrumentalist Vladimír Hirsch, singer Martina Sanollová and Tom Saivon, who provides noise structures and lyrics. Formation´s direction of creativity aims are based on original principles of modern form of classical music with its incorporation into a artificial space, using ambient and noise structures, characteristic for the contemporary post-industrial likeness of the world. The project has a mixture of avantgarde classical and industrial elements, but also many Slavic influences. Mastermind Hirsch is active in a variety of projects and is also no stranger to the academic aspects of avantgarde music. His works often have multiple underlying spiritual or scientific themes.The music of Skrol is certainly no easy listening, “Dances and Marches For The Orphan Age” is quite a dense and heavy structure. Religious organs and choirs are combined with percussive eruptions, industrial soundscapes and strange noises. In general the mood is threatening and apocalyptic, the sound often majestic and bombastic.
This work was record 1997-1999, but Vladimír Hirsch remixed and
remastered everything in 2002.

1- Theoreme
2- Absolution
3- Heights Of Despair
4- Cruciform
5- Eleison
6- Discordia Orta
7- IOB 03
8- Sign Recurrence
9- Antifuga 74/148
10- Abysm
11- Decline And Fall

Limited edition - 500 copies

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