Thursday, November 26, 2009

Northaunt - Barren Land [2004]

1 Dying Day / Dawn And Ashes
2 A Silent Battle
3 Kapp Farvel
4 Whiteout
5 Laid Bare Beneath The Stars
6 Just Another Cold Spring
7 Lost Days
8 Varghjerte
9 The Fire
10 Shadows Over The Barren Land

Northaunt started making ambient soundscapes in 1996.
The music is mainly made from atmospheric drones, crisp field recordings (from nature here in Norway) and sometimes simple melodies (guitar, piano etc).Northaunt has a special focus on seclusion, melancholy and the relationship between man and nature. 3 cd's have been released so far.

FLAC (lossless) w/ CUE

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