Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Various - The Nemeth: A Collection Of Songs Forged By Ancient Shadows [1999]

1- Oktober Black: Ritual Dusk
2- Oktober Black: Homage
3Wolfskin: Seven Steps To A Lost Doorway
4-Wolfskin: Drowned In A Cold Sea Of Leaves
5-Ereshkigal: Drawled To Silence
6-Ereshkigal: Faint Chants Of Drowsiness
7-Once A Barge: Ring Stones
8-Once A Barge : Under A Withered Oak
9-Karnnos: Silence... And Stars, Falling
10-Karnnos: The Song Of Amergin, Loki... And The Wind
11-The Joy Of Nature And Discipline: Spirals (1:41)
12-The Joy Of Nature And Discipline: A Lament For This Cursed Age
13-Nerthiagh: Marchrashee
14-Nerthiagh: Nemetobriga
This is a Excellent and very Rare compilation of the defunct (i think...) Portuguese Label Reaping Hord, Johan Aernus was the label founder, and he was behind projects like Wolfskin, Karnnos, The Joy of Nature and Discipline, etc. The label had edit industrial/dark ambient/neo-folk records in very limited editions.The Nemeth is dedicated to the sacred woods.

Handmade Package in a hardback leather sleeve, hand painted, closed by leather thongs and wrapped in real oak leaves and pine needles. Limited to 50 copies.

p.s. For thus of you who dont know, after Reaping Hord, had exist another great Portuguese Label, called Forgotten Blood, who as also edit very good Tapes, with projects like Zwickau, Warriors of Nature, IN Articulo Mortis...i dont have any tapes, just listen some musics, so if there is anybody who have say something...



nichtig said...

thank you, truely a great compilation

Keith418 said...

can you post a link to this that works?

SolitaryEve said...

I'm sure he's going to re-upload it. The site we were using suddenly shut down. Be patient.

QZ said...

In fact, Forgotten Blood existed before Reaping Horde, as Reaping Horde was started by J. Aernus of Wolfskin/Karnnos, who was an artist that previously issued through Forgotten Blood.

Besides Karnnos and Wolfskin, there are two projects still active that were related to these two labels. Both are issuing now through Ahnstern. Sangre Cavallum is lead by B. Ardo (from Zwickau, Warriors of Nature) and The Joy of Nature by LC (from The Joy of Nature and Discipline).

If you're interested in all this scene, you can contact me through the button "envie-me um e-mail" on my blog.

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