Friday, September 5, 2008

Aeoga - Coav [2004]

1 Coav I (7:23)
2 Coav II (9:33)
3 Coav III (7:12)
4 Coav IV (9:51)
5 Coav V (9:02)
6 Coav VI (8:11)
7 Coav VII (10:03)
8 Coav VIII (4:34)
"To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision."

This release comes in a 3 panel matte paper sleeve that is placed between two matte black squares. There is a small piece of knotted rope stapled to the front square, which rests at a diagonal inside four diecut slits in the larger backing piece. It is limited to 1000 copies.


192 kbps

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