Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alio Die & Francesco Paladino - Angel's Fly Souvenir [2004]

1 A Good Night To Wake Up (4:31)
2 A Fly To The Haunt (3:37)
3 Whispers And Recalls Near The Temple (5:55)
4 Mirnyj's Hole (15:25)
5 Flowing Up From The Core Of The Mountain (7:18)
6 Ancient Consciousness Of The End (10:21)
7 Have A Nice Sleep (5:30)
A Sonic Nightwalk by Alio Die and Francesco Paladino with contributions by Jack or Jive and In Gowan Ring. An album out of any definition, music at the same time dreamy and deep, a concrete and ethereal journey, born from the pleasure to experiment.


256 kbps

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