Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LEICHE RUSTIKAL - Rudra (2002)

A1- H.en
A2- Luzifer
A3- Rudra
A4- November
A5- Poranek
A6- Mutagen
B1- Black Church
B2- J:H:V
B3- In Separable
B4- Galu
B5- Ave Verum Corpus (2.002 Mix)

" Leiche Rustikal burn anthracite with flame throwers, the dense black, compressed carbon smoulders and smokes a constant heat, yet the real flame and energy is being generated by the hand-held fiery projectors; taking target with an outpouring of purgatory.
Mordant rhythms susurrate and squealing steel choir feedback and demagogic vocals stamp the uproar that unfurls a choking suffocating cloud. As a sandstorm, the frequencies here do the excoriation, rasping away salient features to reveal the innermost organs of the mechanism of noise; not that ‘Rudra’ is a bastion of power electronics as Leiche Rustikal has more in common with older industrial noise, allowing shape and subtlety instead of volumetric fulsomeness, than new battlements of static. Guitars meld amidst ongoing female torture in decadent industrial pop, secular melody for a moribund end. Rancour rubs together like the legs of a mechanised cicada, almost syncopated rhythms vent steam and blare horn-like to a frosted and laconic monologue, and the stilted percussive legs vacillate bizarre rhythmic arrangements to symphonic surges of tidal noise and frequency.
Church organs groan a hymnal horror to the sharpening of knives and zombified drums, the sinister of Leiche Rustikal is never far from the surface as Rudra evinces with every acidulent track. It is the vicissitudes of the compositions that works up the styptic agent to bruit Leiche Rustikal away from the supine realm of walls of cauterization, using noise as a device to develop structure without blistering the listener. In the end, that anthracite continues to smoulder right until the last carbon vapour is released, flame thrower already in search for another target."
Words from "heathenharvest"

Vinyl Lp, Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Also released on a cdr Hand-numbered limited to 100. The original "Ave Verum Corpus" track appears on the tape 'Epitaph' (already post by me on the blog)

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