Sunday, September 14, 2008

Megaptera - Disturbance Ritual [2006]

1 More Disturbance (4:52)
2 Sleep (8:50)
3 Shadow Land (6:03)
4 Don't Desecrate The Dead (6:29)
5 Final Day (9:52)
Megaptera marks its 15th year by completely dissolving. This release stands as an epitaph as well as a celebration. 'Disturbance Ritual' perfectly captures the live essence of this fascinating dark-industrial entity, with unpredictable elements fused to the known, and that haunting, transcendental atmosphere that permeated all things Megaptera.

Recorded live at Club Quart, Kristiansand, Norway, July 6th 2005.

Limited to 199 copies.


320 kbps

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