Monday, September 1, 2008

Various Artists - Père-Lachaise [2006]

1 Horologium Père-Lachaise Part I (5:24)
2 Horologium Père-Lachaise Part II (6:55)
3 Foundation Hope Père-Lachaise Part III (5:47)
4 Foundation Hope Père-Lachaise Part IV (5:40)
5 Project Winter Père-Lachaise Part V (7:14)
6 Project Winter Père-Lachaise Part VI (8:32)
7 Artefactum Père-Lachaise Part VII (7:07)
8 Artefactum Père-Lachaise Part VIII (8:27)

Here's a great compilation of dark and neoclassical music, dedicated to the Père--Lachaise cemetery, which is one of the most romantic and mysterious places in this holy world. It's also an unmissable reference in gloomy and cinematic "tragical" culture. Together, Divine Comedy Records and Steinklang are producing a tribute to this worldwide and legendary atmospheric icon.

This musical journey is depicted by four top bands (with two tracks each) from the new emerging dark-ambiant and neo-symphonic scene : Horologium, Project Winter and Artefactum from Poland completed by Foundation Hope from the Netherlands. The mood is dark, menacing and epic at time with Horologium being the most martial act. "Paradise One" symbolises a passage from life to death surrounded by fading memories from different areas and destinies.

The CD is packed in a beautiful book with full pages sepia pictures by Fabrice Billard, known for his previous pictures and illustrations for DCR releases and bands such as Sonne Hagal. Art and history beyond the graves. Pere-Lachaise is a feeric and beautiful place. A place you'll need a whole existence to know "tous les coins et recoins".

Limited to 500 copies.


320 kbps

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