Friday, December 19, 2008

CAESAR URSIC - Lithophonia (2004)

1- Antiquarium
2- The Faint Metallic Glow
3- Gradual Decompression
4- The Past Is Prologue

Caesar Ursic's music slides through a world of forgotten ruins and sculpted sonorities, as to look for the very sources of microfossil stains. Grey perspectives accompany the listener throughout, indicating a steady path to obscurity that only seldom is interrupted by the appearance of a dim light observed through breaksin the wall. The weight of solitude is an always present heavy burden and the whole disc is an exercise in sustaining open-eyed nightmares.

The sounds in "Lithophonia" were captured in the original and old Highland Hospital in Oakland, California.For six months Caesar haunted its ramparts, underground labyrinths and great halls with a stereo microphone and digital recorder. In his words " Lithophonia is my attempt to capture the faded aural residues of human activity that once resonated through the now-abandoned pavilions, walkways and chambers of this grand old structure".

All sound sources were 'found'; none were produced or elicited. Reverberations, vibrations, occasional distant human voice intrusions, and the mechanized breaths of strange machines left to their automated chores in empty alcoves and dead-end corridors were collected.The digitally-manipulated results comprise the four movements of LITHOpHONIA. No synthesizers or other musical instruments were used at any point.

CDr Limited to 100 Copies.


Brian Lucas said...

Amazing... I live pretty close to this hospital.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

absolutely astonishing music, this is my new favourite blog, gorgeous selection, love it solitaryeve, the rosemary locale reminds me of some lost tor in england.. splendid, zenman

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