Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Joy of Nature - The Empty Circle Part 1 - Swirling Lands Of Disquiet And Catharsis [2008]

1 A Theatre Lost In The Vast Abyss Of Starry Skies, Pt. I (8:08)
2 The Womb, Pt. I (4:43)
3 And Then The Clock Appeared (3:54)
4 O Cíclico Retorno De Lobos E Ferreiros (5:06)
5 Nemesis's Factory Of Nightmares Beyond The Curtain (9:55)
6 The Dew From Erased Days (3:49)
7 In The Kingdom Of The Blind (3:40)
8 Absinthe, Tea And The Memory Of Autumn Leaves Falling (4:33)
9 Dissolving Memories Into Grey Skies (3:52)
10 Invocando A Nobreza Para Desmanchar Feiticos (3:44)
11 The Womb, Pt. II (4:58)
12 A Theatre Lost In The Vast Abyss Of Starry Skies, Pt. II (5:28)

The Joy of Nature is a multimedia project from the Azores, with music as its main focus (the Azores are a group of 9 islands between Europe and North America, belonging to Portugal). It was created in 1999 as "The Joy of Nature and Discipline," and reduced to "The Joy of Nature" in 2006, following a change in its sound - more organic and acoustic. Musically, "The Joy of Nature" is like a serpent always renewing itself - never resting in one shape, changing the form but keeping the same essence. "Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsis" is the first part of a trilogy entitled "The Empty Circle." Each part of the trilogy has a correspondence with the three main hermetic-alchemical phases: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo and, at the same time and correspondingly, to individual experience, inheritance of our ancestors and, finally, the overcoming of a mere individual state of existence. This first part corresponds to Nigredo. The subtitle of this work - "A Theatre lost in The Vast Abyss of Starry Skies" came in a lucid dream in which appeared the idea that this world in which we live our day-to-day lives can be compared to a small theatre in a vast abyss of starry skies. This album is about a world of disquiet, in which a catharsis should be done. To gather the impurities, realize their nature and build something pure from there. The music follows the concept - there are elements of Folk, Ambient, Psychedelic and Experimental music, mixed in a coherent way, creating a unique sound and a breathtaking atmosphere, predominantly acoustic and with dark tones.


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Witheringvisions said...

Very nice Solitary, thanks alot.

QZ said...

By the way, The Joy of Nature's trilogy is completed with part 3 - "Anitya" - released by Rage in Eden. Review here:

And artist's page here:

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