Monday, December 8, 2008

TERRA SANCTA - Aeon (2004)

1- Cold Light Infusion
2- Black Sun
3- Blood Red Sea
4- Drowned (Desert Earth II)

Terra Sancta is the music project from an Australian, Greg Good.Terra Sancta translates literally as 'sacred earth'. It is a historical term for the 'holy land' of Israel/Palestine.refers to a place of such reverence for three religions, but also a place of perpetual conflict. Musically, Terra Sancta reflects this spiritual aura as well as the darker undercurrents. However don't intend to be related with any political or religious statements with the music, the project and song names are more like metaphors.
The music of Terra Sancta moves on territories like dark ritualistic and Industrial ambient soundtracks.

"Aion" moves on dark ambient roots like the sound of this artists Yen Pox, Caul, Inade, Blood Box. The music is a descent from air to earth that comes bearing down with a crushing, cosmic weight, sending out cataclysmic eruptions of blinding sonic dust across an already wind swept and barren landscape, where we can find a vibrant, isokinetic piece climaxing in tumultuous, majestic patterns, time and time again.


P.S. You can find another album of Terra Sancta on my own music blog, , that album its not here becouse its more connected with the sound that i post there.


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