Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paysage d'Hiver - Kerker [2008]

1. Tiefe 09:58
2. Schritte 07:47
3. Schatten 09:35
4. Gang 07:46

This is the A5 digipak version, remastered and released on CD.



SCHQ said...

thanks a lot!

Jonny said...

Am I just imagining things, or is the rawest, most muffled sounding Paysage D'Hiver release of them all? Kind of bizarre sounding, actually just checking to make sure that the file's not bad or anything...Thank you for the download either way, though, very nice of you, and keep up the great posts!

SolitaryEve said...

Yeah, that's just the way the album is produced.

Witheringvisions said...

I just got my Die Festung and self titled A5 Digipaks in the post. They're sexy as hell ;)

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