Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O Quam Tristis - Les Chants Funestes [2008]

Anna Soror
O Caelo
Bulla Fulminante
Sancta Nox
Planctus Samsonis
O Vox Prophetica
O Abies
Soror, conjux, gemma
Verna redit temperies
O meiam Miseram
De ramis cadunt Folia

'O Quam Tristis…' have mastered their art with 'Les Chants Funestes' and have delivered an eloquent fourth album of inspiring music.
Female and male vocal polyphonies inspired by music going from the Middle Age down to the Baroque Era using acoustic traditional or medieval instrumentation and modern electronics in harmony, without losing the sacral and medieval character of their music. Synthesizers and bass guitar join the electronic rhythms, contributing a rock and liturgical feeling to the compositions, based on ancient secular and liturgical poetries.
'Les Chants Funestes' delves more deeply into rock and electronic influences than their previous albums. Emeric Lenotz, Katrina Koslowska, Tomek Ashkenazy Isaac, Anna Virsky and Hugues Dammarie (Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, Thy Violent Vanities…) will capture your attention and hold it throughout their music.


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