Thursday, January 15, 2009

Des Esseintes / Diskrepant - Folie À Deux (2003, EP)

This is an EP featuring two artists from Sweden who produce some rhythmic soundscapes and minimalistic noise.

1- Des Esseintes: Scrying / Closure
2- Diskrepant: Variety Unknown
3- Diskrepant: Grand Mal
4- Diskrepant: And The Machines Laughed At Mankind

The first, Des Esseintes, is side project of Magnus Sundström who is the man behind Cold Meat Industry act, The Protagonist. It starts with a nice blend of electronic sounds and monk-style singing samples in the background. As it moves on it gets heavier and lets loose some blistering industrial with powerful drum beats. This really is powerful stuff and quite long too clocking in at almost thirteen minutes.
Diskrepant have contributed three songs here. It’s the work of Per Ånlund. It’s a lot more menacing than Des Esseintes and mainly consists of electronic noise without the rhythm. Many samples are used here too. 'Variety Unknown' is the first of the tracks, and from the start it lets loose some blistering electronic rumbles sounding like someone has gone insane in the tool shed! ‘Grand Mal’ is the same kind of thing but probably more menacing. It’s a real torture on the ears if you have this up loud which I think is a good thing! Its piercing sounds are guaranteed to send shivers through your body. Final track ‘…and The Machines Laughed At Mankind’ starts with some ambient sounds mixed with samples. It’s quite calming after the noise before it. You do expect some kind of noise to leap out at you though, so tread carefully because it might well happen!
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Packaged in a cardboard sleeve.

P.s. You can find a work from Diskrepant on my own blog , the record there has a completly different sound and in my opinion mutch better. Well im not a great "friend" of Noise...


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Great Album- Thank You

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