Friday, January 23, 2009

The official feed of The Rosemary Locale

Some of you may have noticed I mistakenly changed the feed name from the original one you see above, to /TheRosemaryLocale.
If you were subscribed with the Feedburner feed you probably stopped getting updates in your reader for a couple of days.
I changed it back to the original feed now, so you can click the above link to re-subscribe to the correct feed name.

What's that, you haven't already subscribed?
Well then I suggest you enter the highly convenient world of Feedburner by clicking the link above.
It lets you subscribe with any RSS/Atom/XML reader you can imagine by just clicking a button.
And trust me, Readers are much more organized and easier to deal with than the old fashioned bookmark.

Take care, and enjoy the music!

• S.E. •


Anonymous said...

absolutely love yr blog, it's astonishingly good, especially as an entry into ambient/assorted musics.. some of the scarier stuff, or abrasive, isn't quite for me, but nonetheless interesting to read about, certainly tor lundvall is highly polished, the ohlon was completely foreign but strangely listenable, ditto galerie schallschnutz, haarp especially, though montauk and teddybear had their respective moments, anyway hugely enjoying whatever you post next... anthony in canada (where the arctic winds are in play and it's alterately alpiney when the sun's out and on the frigid side at night.. half way between the equator and the north pole... ciao, and many thanks)

Witheringvisions said...

Thanks a lot for your comment :)

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