Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Project Arctic - Third Pole [2004]

1 Solar Refraction (9:37)
2 Blinded By White (10:18)
3 The 88th Parallel (7:54)
4 Inner Dark Companion (8:16)
5 The Rim Of The World (7:40)
6 Third Pole (6:55)

The members of This Morn' Omina and Empusae join forces in Project Arctic, a dark glacial and occult sonic entity that casts its spell over the plains from the rim of the world. They form the inner dark companion on an auditory journey to the third pole, from blinding aural snow to an everlasting darkness crushing through the ice of the 88th parallel. They move in a giant soundscape where long stretched strings of coldness explore the unknown icy fields, and where frost bites the air in wide cathedrals of sound. Comes in an exquisitely designed oversized nautilus pack.


320 kbps

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting this, much obliged (if it was in response to my request for more of this kind of thing..).. much enamoured by this kind of non-music, sorta summons existentialist reflections - without getting weighty - and then you as soon forget them.. damned listenable as music 2, peculiar to think of them constructing this in some studio.. thanks again rosemary.. the zenwarrior

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